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    Modern Drummer cease shipping Print issues outside the USA

    Finally got an answer back (and a refund for this years subscription, which was 6 months Print issues received) They've ceased shipping Print issues outside the USA, I have no interest in paying for an online subscription, so that's me done with them Had been an MD reader/subscriber...
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    NDD - Noonan Mahogany/Poplar Nesting drumset

    New Drums Day (or Noonan Drums Day...) 10"x8", 14"x12" FT, 18"x14" BD (Nesting BD and FT) 6ply Mahogany/Poplar shells (No re-rings) 1.6mm Tom hoops Maple BD Hoops - WMP inlay Yamaha Tom mount and Pearl Masters FT Hardware Full sounding despite the smaller sizes, light weight with the 1.6mm...
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    Noonan Cocktail drumset and Slingerland shell build

    New drums day....almost... as they are about to be shipped by Gary :-) Noonan Custom drums - Vintage WMP 16"x24" Main drum - 8 ply Maple (Beavertail lugs and Pearl LB40 FT brackets) 10"x5" Small tom - 8ply Maple (Yamaha Shell mount) S Hoops on both drums Also finally got my (ebay)...