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  1. baz

    What's your latest purchase?

    Thanks Ronzo l have used racks before but always go back to stands. This simple front rack allows me to set up my kit in wank mode, which should amuse the magpies that gather in my yard. lf l can turn wankery into music then l will possibly gig with it. have a great weekend Barry
  2. baz

    What's your latest purchase?

    I picked up a used rack.
  3. baz


    For years l used to cringe anytime l heard a bar/wedding/jam band play Mustang Sally. i really hated that song so when our band decided to add it to our repertoire, l held my nose and played. l did not count on liking it as much as l do now. It is a fun song to play and play around with. Not...
  4. baz

    La Bicycletta

    Perfect bike conditions. Took a trip on our regional county trail to the neighboring community of Fort Saskatchewan. Half paved half gravel. Downhill on the way there, nut buster on the way back. My little G Dot is getting too big for her chariot but it is still the best way to playground hop...
  5. baz

    Do you have any other passions besides drums/drumming/drum gear?

    Bicycle this is the source of all of my superpowers.
  6. baz

    What devices do you listen to music on?

    Hola Dot Comrades I listen to most of my music from my i phone through a blue tooth speaker. I use a jbl go 2 when l am on my bike, and a jbl charge3 at home. life and it’s sound track is so much simpler to manage now. have a great weekend all Barry
  7. baz

    Post your Gig Pics

    Hola dot comrades. last weekend l got to enjoy three of my favorite pass times. Cycling, camping, and music. One of my bandidos held a bit of a music fest out at his cabin on Hastings Lake. I drove out on Thursday to drop off my drums and camping gear, Friday It was a 45 km bike ride from my...
  8. baz

    Any hockey fans?

    I met my Wife the night the Oilers won their first Stanley Cup. That was thirty eight years ago. She grew up in Montreal so the Habs are her team. l played hockey for years and can not help to notice the similarities between drumming and goaltending. First off, drummers/goalies have to schlep...
  9. baz

    Post your Gig Pics

    Hola Dot Comrades. we did our first gig in over two years this past weekend. It went surprisingly well considering we lost two former members and gained two new replacements, Also, this was my first gig playing my Pearls. I love the big boomy warmth of my deedubs, but the Pearls seem louder...
  10. baz

    Post Your Most Cancelable Drum Opinions

    I rarely feel like l am a drummer but l always feel like l am a musician.
  11. baz

    Now THIS is funny!

    I had a great jam tonight with my band. I had my share of laughs tonight but this one made me pee my pants. Gotta go. Thank you for posting this Barry
  12. baz

    Who's your favorite drummer?

    Alex Gonzalez
  13. baz

    Team Will Smith or Chris Rock

    A punch line is a terrible thing to waste.
  14. baz

    La Bicycletta

    Hola X Still a couple of weeks away before the dirt thaws, turns to mud, then becomes old guy ride friendly in my little corner of Heaven. That is one nice bike you have there. Love steel, but a mountain bike would be wasted on me. My first bike was a hybrid. My thinking at the time was that l...
  15. baz

    La Bicycletta

    Hola Rhumba can’t wait to see your new build and l envy you for your tenacity. Doing bike mods is like drilling holes in my drums, lots of anxiety untill l cross that point of no return. Changing the ring was the easiest cheapest way for my conversion. I had to remove the chain in order to...
  16. baz

    La Bicycletta

    Hola dot comrades. just converted my Kona Jake the snake from a 2x11 to a 1x11 drivetrain. I took the cheap and easy route which involved removing my front derailer and 46 tooth chain ring, replacing it with the 36. I rode this bike through the winter on the 36 and really came to like the...
  17. baz

    Practicing Under the Influence - Your Experiences?

    Hola dot comrades I prefer the natural high that playing provides rather than the high provided by the use of recreational intoxicants. My fear has always been that if l play under the influence and l think l am slamming beyond my normal limitations, l will need to maintain that level of...
  18. baz

    Working out and drumming at the same time

    Hola dot Comrades l blame my bike for giving me most of my strength and stamina. I also blame my post retirement minimum wage grocery clerk job for whatever power l can get out of these bony girl arms of mine. Repetitive lifting, placement and general straightening out of cans, large and small...
  19. baz

    Should I quit my job

    The curse of the golden hand cuffs Look after yourself. The loyalty that you may feel towards them may not necessarily be reciprocal. You know what effort you put in to your work and it is obvious that you take a lot of pride in your contribution to the overall success of the business. It...
  20. baz

    Pic of yourself

    Before and after. l still have my mullet but now l wear it on my chin. stay safe and keep warm Barry