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    Old people being cheated by their children

    I was VERY LUCKY to not only have good parents, but good grand parents as well. my parents sacrificed a crap ton for me and my sister; never babied us; made us both learn about self sufficiency and hard work; were always good role models;; were always quick with a swat or spanking when we...
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    oooh...that reminds me I have to pay this years taxes....should probably do that this weekend
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    Expensive Bop Kit Poll a SWEET set up!!!
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    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    I thik that is just referencing the old school logo....not a permanent change
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    Drum gods set list....

    yeah...cause you would also have to find other players who can play all of their non drum instruments just as well....I personally think the Karaoke style would be easier honestly. Give each drummer a hal hour to get set up, play what they can, and get off stage. I also don't think a...
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    this is pretty much it!! Not more needs to be said.... this story is just awful!!! I am glad that you had some memories and that he influenced you in a positive way before the "change" I hope Lottie Jay died by herself - cold, alone, in a ditch in a car wreck, one injury for each dastardly...
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    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    ugh....North drums - at least the marching ones - were made of fiberglass if I remember correctly....awful sound; dumb look and stooopid heavy. They also had this really nasty smell when the fiberglass got hot in the summer....
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    Drum gods set list....

    that is a GREAT idea!!!! I think the songs would be up to te drummers and the other players they get to help...or would it be like a "karaoke" thing where they play along to the songs?
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    Football Soccer World Cup

    this is how hockey used to be, in regular season except a win was 2 points. At the end o the regular season the top 6 teams with the highest point total got into the playoffs. I miss those days.... and being a defensive minded guy, I LOVE a 0-0 tie!!! THAT means it was a good game!!! the...
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    I would slightly consider the same idea, but based on an Oldsmobile 442....
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    Tom Preferences?

    same here...prog metal/thrash metal/punk drummer mostly here; my main kit is 8, 10, 12, rack and 16 floor tom, snare and kick with double pedal, and about 9-13 cymbals depending on my mood Big Kit Drummers UNITE!!!!!
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    How do you know you are getting old?

    I would see that as a sign of getting smarter...not older...
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    dude....THIS is not only THE KERNEL of all the problems in America, it is also a truth that most people can't handle... the parent is the ULTIMATE and FIRST teacher. All children's mannerisms, reactions to stimuli etc are formed in the first 3mos to 2 years BY WHAT THEY SEE AND HEAR THEIR...
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    yep,, I have thought for a long while now that when it changed from "We The People" to "I The Person", things were going to fall apart. I think my generation - GenX - is the one who started all off that....
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    Tell us about your 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised us

    I have done the bottom 3 from your list above. Signing autographs is probably the weirdest feeling thing....who the hell wants my autograph? ..Go Robot, Go's music was also in a few episodes of the TV show Dawson's Creek I probably have a little more "face recognition" fame in the drum corps...
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    This Guy…

    yeah...that is my wifes problem...she is only like a buck-five soaking wet...and must have real thin blood....and she was a professional figure skater bacck in the day....from would think growing up in an ice rink would put some callouses on!! yeah...I am the "inclement weather...
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    Drum hardware bag on wheels with handle

    that, and the addition of the Crosstown hardware to my country/jazz kit is going to make those gigs a lot easier!!!
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    This Guy…

    man, I just don't get how people desire to live in heat and humidity!! Over 55ºF and dew point over 55 and I am a whiney baby! Give me dry and cool/cold all the time!!
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    Life is a building...

    I had been drumming for about 12 years whe Blood Sugar Sex Magic came oout, and man, that album redefined "money beat" for the rest of my life!!!