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    Neil Peart's Hometown Is Readying a Statue.

    It's an awesome gesture, but is it a good likeness? ... To me, the image of the older Professor looks more like Andy Griffith. Does the younger one look like Paul Rudd?
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    Drum Kits Mostly Pre-Dating Gaudy Sparkle Wraps

    Dangerous Minds has a beautiful array of drum sets dating back a Century.
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    On Buddy Rich's Birthday (9/30), Remembering When He Quit Playing Drums to Become a Singer

    According to “Buddy Rich: One of a Kind — The Making of the World’s Greatest Drummer,” the drummer completely gave up playing drums in the late ’50s to become a singer. “He burned his drumsticks at a press conference at Birdland,” recalled drummer Bruce Klauber. "Buddy Rich Quits Drums to Be...
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    4-Time Grammy Winning Antonio Sanchez Reviews Movie Drum Scenes - "Whiplash," "Wayne's World," etc.

    Really enjoyed Antonio Sanchez -- who composed the all-drums score for "Birdman" (2014, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton) -- talking about the drumming in seven movies and TV shows. While "Whiplash" was a hit and gave a well-deserved Oscar to J.K. Simmons and was nominated for best picture...
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    The 10 Biggest Jerk Drummers of All Time

    From 2013, but seems deadly accurate:
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    Rock-Metal Drummers with the Top 20 Most Impressive Beards

    It's time to rank the Top 20 Most Impressive Drummer Beards. The key ranking element is the beard itself, but a strong weighting is given to the drummer's body of work ... Thus, Ringo Starr doesn't always have a beard and it's usually pretty short, but as a member of one of the greatest bands...
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    The Best 8 Drum Brands Reviewed

    Not sure when, but Drum magazine took on the impossible task of naming The Best 8 Drum Brands Reviewed. Rather than assigning a bunch of reading, I'll just list Drum's summation of each brand and the "Con" the brand needs to work on. Many of these are bizarre. DW -versatile drum brand that...
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    Why Do Women Dislike Dream Theater and Snarky Puppy

    Recently, John Petrucci (Dream Theater guitarist) was asked this question by a Metal Hammer reader: Given the low ratio of women to men (est. 4:96) at your shows, have you considered using the lack of any line for the ladies’ restroom as a selling point in promoting your concerts? Petrucci...
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    Top 20 Rock Drummer Nicknames

    Ranking algorithm gives primary weight to the coolness of the nickname and also considers the drummer's influence and fame. 1. John "Jabo" Starks - The JBs (James Brown) 2. Cornelius Ellwood "Neil" (aka. "The Professor" or "Bubba") Peart - Rush 3. Colin Trevor "Cozy Powell" Flooks - Jeff...
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    Drummers = Ice Skaters

    I recently saw Stars on Ice, a bunch of Olympic medical winners doing a exhibition on ice, including Quad King Nathan Chen. While daydreaming about the various disciplines of figure skating -- singles, pairs and ice dancing -- it occurred to me drummers are a lot like skaters in the sense that I...
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    What Did Drummer Razzle Dingley’s Ghost Reveal to Vince Neil?

    Loud wire reports on Motley Crue’s frontman getting a message from Hanoi Rocks’ drummer in the afterlife: Motley Crue’s Vince Neil Once Spoke to Late Hanoi Rocks Drummer Through Medium Mediums are known as people who are able to connect with the deceased in some way, whether in a visual...
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    Actor Recounts Shot-Gunning Schlitz with Alex Van Halen -- at 13 Years Old

    Louder magazine reports the following: Behind the scenes on the Hot For Teacher video: "I'm 13 years old and I'm drinking with Alex Van Halen" By Dave Everley ( Classic Rock ) published 1 day ago Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher video featured four kids playing junior versions of the band. Yano...
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    Ringo Leads 100-Drummer Jam -- Gadd, Chambers, Seraphine, Weinberg, Weckl, Meytal, etc.

    Ringo Star has led a 100-drummer band as a fundraiser for hunger relief and to celebrate next week's 13th anniversary of the "No More Autographs video (Oct. 13). Described as the greatest collection of drummers to play on one song, it's a big of a mess as these top drummers participate from 100...
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    New Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

    All arguments have been settled with Rolling Stone's just-published list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time I'll go ahead and spoil the Top 10: 10. Stewart Copeland 9. Al Jackson Jr. 8. Mitch Mitchell 7. Gene Krupa 6. Clyde Stubblefied and Jabo Starks 5. Hal Blaine 4. Neil Peart...