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  1. mattmc3287

    Rehearsal Recording Level Up! (Bad Romance Cover)

    I posted a couple of weeks ago soliciting advice on how to better record rehearsals. We had just been using iphones. I do a good bit of video production for my day job so recording and creating videos has become a hobby for me. I enjoy mixing and editing the videos and my hope is that...
  2. mattmc3287

    First Rehearsal with New Band - Come Together Cover

    I think we have a damn fine collection of players here. Can't wait to get some more practice time in with this group!
  3. mattmc3287

    Recording Setup for Rehearsals

    I need some help. I'd like to be able to get a decent recording of our rehearsals to send to everyone after the fact to listen to and self-critique and improve. The room is so small that an iPhone mic just doesn't quite get the job done. I have enough gear that I know this should be possible I...
  4. mattmc3287

    Foo Fighters - All My Life

    Finally getting the hang of EQing a drum kit. This one was a LOT of fun!
  5. mattmc3287

    Marcus King's New Album

    If you are not familiar with the Marcus King Band, then I suggest looking them up. Just ridiculously talented musicians on every instrument. I could go on and on as I am admittedly a fanboy but I'll just say they are amazing. One thing I have really enjoyed is seeing the evolution of the sound...
  6. mattmc3287

    Feel Like A Kid Again

    I got my first kit when I was 10. No one in my family played an instrument at the time (my brother is a helluva bassist and guitar player these days), so I was left to my own devices to figure it out. Had a VHS tape that taught me some simple boom chick grooves and went from there. There have...
  7. mattmc3287

    Shoulder Injury

    For the last several months, I have had pain in my shoulder that has progressively gotten worse. It started with only hurting when I did certain things and moved in certain ways, but only sometimes. Then, it was pretty much every time I moved in those certain ways. Then, it was a constant dull...
  8. mattmc3287

    Playing with Horns.... Am I Right!?

    So, I joined a new band recently. The core of the band has been together for quite some time and they have rotated various brass players in and out over the years, but they always play with at least a sax and most often with sax, trumpets, and trombone. I played my first gig with them last...
  9. mattmc3287

    Kick Drum Moves Up/Down...

    Check out the video clip below and pay attention to the slight movement in the kick drum. It's not that it really bothers me while I'm playing, though I do feel that I lose some speed and power from that loss of energy. My main concern is that whatever is causing this movement is also doing...
  10. mattmc3287

    Jam Session With My 6 Year Old - He's Loving It!

    Just wanted to share a short clip of my oldest son jamming with me a bit. It's so freakin cool to have him playing along with me and seeing him smiling and shakin that head back and forth feelin the groove. Just doesn't get much better fellas. Cheers! Edited to add: I am out of frame on my kit...
  11. mattmc3287

    Modified 12 in Z Custom Splash Trash

    Love the new sound I'm getting from this cymbal! I used a drill press and a (kind of dull) unibit. Wanted to go slightly bigger with the holes, but the bit just wasn't cutting it (see what I did there) so settled for what you see in the video. May try a new bit and go a bit bigger in the...
  12. mattmc3287

    Feedback Solicitation - Starboy Cover

    I have tried a few times in the last several months to cover this song, but I just could never quite fall into the pocket. Mostly because I couldn't hold the tempo with 16th notes on the hats like I wanted to do the cover. I've been practicing more here lately and this song came up in the...
  13. mattmc3287

    Help with Setup for Auxiliary Items

    I need ideas for how to include the variety of auxiliary items I have into my kit. The items I have are a 10 in popcorn snare, woodblock, tambourine, and a cowbell. All of them are able to attach via a 3/8 inch rod. I have a few different pieces of hardware that will allow me to mount each to my...
  14. mattmc3287

    In Need of an Experienced Ear

    So I have recently gotten into recording and mixing drum covers and while I have learned a great deal scouring the interwebs, I could really use a set of experienced ears to give my mix a listen and point out where I can improve. Advice on video editing and lighting also welcome. TIA!
  15. mattmc3287

    Goodbye, old friend...

    First of all, I just want to hello and thank you to everyone on this forum. I don't know how in the hell I have been playing for 24 years and was unawre of this amazing community. I judge myself, really. But I digress, many of you have been helpful in my decision-making process in purchasing my...