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  1. TK-421

    Are my toms out of tune or is this just how they sound?

    Oh boy, where do I begin? First of all, you’re right to assume your toms sound like crap—because they do. Finger tight is WAY too loose for any drum, so you can consider your toms not at all tuned. To get them tuned up and sounding good, first you need to get each head in tune with itself. In...
  2. TK-421

    Drum gods set list....

    So you're saying it's NOT going to be like this?
  3. TK-421

    Drum gods set list....

    Why on earth would you want to do this at a biker bar???? I couldn't think of a worse place to host such an event.
  4. TK-421

    Tell us about your 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised us

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when I was stationed on the original Death Star, some camera crew shows up one day claiming to be filming a "documentary" and asked if I wouldn't mind being in it. I said sure, and next thing you know I get lured onto some piece of junk space ship where...
  5. TK-421

    Gretsch Renown for Jazz?

    For once, a new member asks for advice on a kit — and actually buys it! Usually when this happens, we'll all debate the pros and cons of the kit(s) in question, meanwhile the OP disappears and we never hear from him/her again. Congrats!!! That's a PERFECT kit for jazz, and I'm sure you'll be...
  6. TK-421

    Gretsch Renown for Jazz?

    Yes, the Renowns are absolutely fantastic for jazz. I have an older Renown bop kit with die cast hoops, and it sounds very much like a USA Custom at higher tunings. I haven’t played a newer Renown kit with 302 hoops at higher tunings, but I imagine they will also sound great.
  7. TK-421

    Bass drum wants to lose virginity

    Yeah, it looks like the tom post placement on those 18" USAs you linked to match the placement on my Renown. So apparently that's where they're putting it these days for 14" deep bass drums.
  8. TK-421

    Bass drum wants to lose virginity

    That bass drum is a Renown, so the claws are different than USA Customs.
  9. TK-421

    Bass drum wants to lose virginity

    Apparently Gretsch isn't very consistent in this regard. My 14" deep x18" bass drum has the tom post pretty much centered with the reso-side lugs. Which means @fess you can probably just go with whatever feels right to you.
  10. TK-421

    Protection Racket AAA

    It sounds like they’re oversizing the cases to accommodate bulky RIMS mounts. Even though YESS mounts are significantly less bulky, I would still be doubtful that your 10” Yamaha tom would fit in the 8x8 case. With an internal diameter of 11”, that’s only 1” greater than your shell diameter...
  11. TK-421

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    Peavey Radial drums looked horrible, but I played a couple of those kits back in the day and they actually sounded really good. Very resonant with a clear, cutting tone. But man, those looks… 🤮
  12. TK-421

    Double Bass Legend Tommy Aldridge | The Drum Department 🥁 Ep.10

    Since Tommy doesn’t play much in that Drumeo video, I thought I’d add this. Some backstory: back around 2004 or so, I went to NAMM with a good friend who is also a drummer, and scored some tickets to Yamaha Groove Night. Tommy Aldridge was one of the drummers on the bill, and when his turn came...
  13. TK-421

    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    Reminds me of this old Far Side cartoon.
  14. TK-421

    Gretsch Brooklyn Question

    Yes you definitely could. But I would make sure you prefer that sound over the stock 302 hoops before spending an additional $300+. I’ve played RN2s several times, and I’ve always felt that despite sounding really good, they seemed to lack something my older Renowns have. But I don’t know how...
  15. TK-421

    Gretsch Brooklyn Question

    I love all Gretsch kits from the Renowns and up, and any of them will definitely do the job well. But I’ll be honest, I don’t like the newer RN2 Renowns as much as my older Renowns with die cast hoops. If you can find an older die cast Renown kit in the sizes you want and in good condition, that...
  16. TK-421

    302 hoop question

    If you’re looking for a 302-style hoop without any engraving, these seem pretty close. Except they’re 2.3mm instead of 3mm. Note: I’ve never used these, I’m just aware of them.
  17. TK-421

    Would this be stupid or genius?

    Definitely worth a try. Just be sure to buy it so that your next gig is within the return window, in case it sounds like crap.
  18. TK-421

    We finally moved to a new hoster!

    Not that I can tell. Seems as good as always.
  19. TK-421

    We finally moved to a new hoster!

    @Supergrobi here are my results after letting it run for about 20-30 seconds (from Los Angeles). PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=49 time=175.298 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=49 time=173.421 ms 64 bytes from...
  20. TK-421

    Can a Double Pedal be Used as a Single?

    With some double pedals (at least some older Yamaha models), you can easily convert the slave to a single pedal. Just move the slave-side spring and beater from the main part of the pedal over to the slave pedal. But even if yours can’t accommodate that, there’s no reason not to simply use the...