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  1. felonious69

    Color trends's like gloss primer color...and it's EVERYWHERE.
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    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    Being offended is why I balk at social media type stuff. Even here I can type a quick thought that comes to my mind, and, if the meaning is misconstrued, I don't have a chance to explain myself...if I even know I offended anyone in the first place. I've worked with (and lived around my whole...
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    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    Just a guess: Was that "Could you please grab me a Jägermeister with a beer chaser?" I don't drink or speak German, so...just a guess.
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    Yup...people really can SUCK! Mom will be 88 on the 16th. She just recently asked me and one of my sisters to be medical/financial POA for her affairs. (Which we did...signed and all) She's got ten kids. I don't know that anyone would "suck" but Sue and I seem to be by far the best choices...
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    If You Put the ReelFeel Pad on a Snare Drum...

    You, sir, are like the McGyver of the drumming world! snow thrower is up and working fine...just fired it up to make sure cuz I'm gonna need it soon! (Nothing to do with drumming, but...) Second...My sword is mounted firmly to my cymbal stand, allowing for quick draw! (Kinda has to do...
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    Is It Legal To Play Drums In The Middle Of The Night?

    RIP HU (your neighbors will)
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    My latest Build

    You are an AWESOME dog dad!
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    My latest Build

    You do gorgeous work, my friend!
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    Dan McCafferty

    Sorry, but the "watch on YouTube" link works...good song!
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    Dan McCafferty

    Was saddened to hear that Dan McCafferty, founding member and vocalist for Nazareth until he retired in 2013 from complications from COPD, has died on Nov. 8. He was a rock icon, IMHO... Have a listen:
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    A drummer association word game.

    Woody Allen?
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    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    That red pencil sharpener is left handed.:(. The ruler of the machine shop where I work was, one day asking me if I had an electric pencil sharpener. I told him "Nope, but i got a good one"(hand-held). He looked sad and said he wanted to sharpen ALL of his daughter's pencils for school (lots of...
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    Where to start!

    Welcome, Loz. Back in 2020 I was a non drummer and came here. Good place to find all kinds of good intel here! Nice crowd of folks too. Now I am a not-quite-a-drummer, but my setup situation is FAR BETTER than when I started and i am having fun! Ask away and these fine folks will fill you with...
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    Chicken or the Egg?

    I just want a good, huge omelette...with no chicken in it.
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    TV shows or movies that didn't hold up through the test of time for you.

    One movie that came on once a year, the Wizard of Oz...Still good, just because. (Kinda wonder why the scarecrow didn't just shoot the witch, though, since at one point he DID have a gun) One movie that came on once a year, The Gargoyles. It was AWESOME...til ya see it now a...
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    What do you do when .......

    Tell them that the news JUST BROKE, that the band has dis-banded after irreconcilable differences in music taste. Then tell them what the "new" lineup is, with them not included of course, and how excited they are to move forward immediately.
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    Are Low End Drums a Waste of Time?

    Just use high end sticks! You can't even tell the difference.
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    Inspirational Quotes

    When something is lost, my dad used to always say: It lies where it was put.
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    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!