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  1. felonious69

    Dan McCafferty

    Was saddened to hear that Dan McCafferty, founding member and vocalist for Nazareth until he retired in 2013 from complications from COPD, has died on Nov. 8. He was a rock icon, IMHO... Have a listen:
  2. felonious69

    Sweetwater has a used gear tab now.

    I just noticed that Sweetwater's web page has a used gear section now. Something they didn't have before. The used gear is posted by customers and not by Sweetwater themselves, so I am not sure what that implies or why they finally decided on this. But...Cool. New gear is not always an option...
  3. felonious69

    In the USA...Anyone know about Police/Fire/Rescue scanners?

    In 2018 we had an explosion in the center of town. I have been wanting to get a scanner so I can listen to what is going on with Police and Fire and such. I don't have any of the frequency/trunking knowledge but I would like to know what is going on close by. I bought a Uniden Bearcat BC125AT...
  4. felonious69

    Apparently Sweetwater has added to their product line...

    They now have: Brass Woodwind Orchestral Strings Concert Percussion Marching Percussion... Interesting.
  5. felonious69

    How to post pics and videos

    Hi folks, I have brought this up before, but I wonder: I don't really know anything about file size, file format kind of stuff. I have an android phone (Moto G Power), which is what I take all my pics with. I see some of the most gorgeous pics here (Chris Brown comes to mind) and I appreciate...
  6. felonious69

    Anyone buy a referb/renew PC tower?

    For absolute beginner recording, all I really need is a tower. I was looking at laptops, but figured a tower would be more upgradeable(?) I have a VGA monitor, and the accessories are a dime a dozen. (Mouse, Keyboard...) I was researching and discovered SFF (Small Form Factor, I found out)...
  7. felonious69

    Public Service Announcement!

    In another thread here, I learned something that never would have occurred to me: Bass drum needs to be elevated off the floor. Another thing that never occurred to me: We have pots in front of the house, with the "mulchy" type soil for tomatoes, green peppers, etc. I was at work yesterday when...