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  1. Tamaefx

    Is Premier back? At last they updated their site and their drum range ! Even though we guess nothing is gonna be built in Britain anymore. This brand I love seemed almost dead for a long time - this news I hope will witness a true revival of this drum company.
  2. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    Hello, I have a little question about amplification. With my band, we get some outdoor gigs, where we bring our gear, amps, drums, lights and so forth. Generally we don't have a sound tech nor do we amplify the drums. On stage, since I hit relatively hard, we don't need to amplify the drums...
  3. Tamaefx

    Info about a Pacific Drum kit

    Hello everybody, I just bought for cheap a battered Pacific drum. Pre-PDP then. Black rodhoid. The kit is a lot of dust and rust but seems complete and the stock skins are in good shape, so it hasn’t been played much, just stored in the wrong place. It has a metal snare, 12 13 16 toms, Tom arm...
  4. Tamaefx

    Tips for setting a Roland kit

    Hi guys, I just bought a second hand Roland TD-11 and started using it for band rehearsal. I’m not new to electro kits but never quite got into it. I tend to hit hard and I don’t get the response I‘m waiting on the snare essentially and the ride. I tried to fuss with the pad settings but finally...
  5. Tamaefx

    Advice on a Ludwig Rock Concert

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity on a early 80's Ludwig Snare. It's a Ludwig Rock Concert. It's chrome over wood, presumably things need to be restored. But it looks like a fair price. Problem is, I don't know a thing about this snare drum and never own any Lud stuff - only Ludwig I played was a...
  6. Tamaefx

    Question about the Gretsch Renown '57

    Hi everyone, Just one simple question about the Gretsch Renown '57 Motor City. As some may know through the forum "your gear", I purchased a 5 piece Candy Red Motor City. A real bargain, as good as new. I know the '57 was a limited edition, I know that the red and the black ones were available...
  7. Tamaefx

    Some new gear at home : Gretsch 57

    Hello everyone, I absolutely didn’t need a new kit, but sometimes you come across bargains you can’t let go. I brought it home yesterday evening, so just a teasing.
  8. Tamaefx

    Flats Drums

    Hello everyone, I wanted to show my second kit. Beside my faithful Premier; I also own an uncommon Arbiter kit. Some may not known this brand neither this kit. It's an Arbiter Flats Pro. 22 10 12 14. A non-pro version used to exist with smaller bass drum and fragile plastic hoops. So there...
  9. Tamaefx

    Youngtimer back on the road : Premier XPK

    Hi every one, I wanted to share this : I've recently finished "restoring" a mid- 90's XPK drum kit. I bought it for a small amount of money (200€ - 4 piece), in pretty bad shape. I wanted to take it back on the road, repairing the broken parts, do some deep cleaning, new skins of course, and...
  10. Tamaefx

    Head suggestion for Flat Drums

    Hello everyone, for practical reason you may guess, I play more and more on my Arbiter Flat pro. I bought it cheap few years ago, it still has its original skin set (Pinstripe on toms and Powerstroke on BD) and I would like to change them. Sizes are standard 22 - 10 12 14 : the 10 and 12 sound...
  11. Tamaefx

    Spare parts bag for concerts

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you are used to preparing a bag of parts, spare or tools when you plan a concert ? Screws, tools, lamp, spare head, gaffa tape, felts, ???? I have had bad memory of concerts with snare wires problems (2 times . . . Unlucky) so, even if it's cumbersome, I take a...
  12. Tamaefx

    Soloing into a groove

    Hi everyone, In my band, we play covers that we personalise a bit, 45 songs by now, we're far from pro but doing quite well, with real personality even if it's just covers. In a classic rock song, 4/4 straight 120bpm, I do a drum solo, thought it was a good idea, it flows well with the guitar...
  13. Tamaefx

    Ludwig classic long lugs value ?

    Hello guys, I'd like a little bit of advise on this. I have an offer for a Ludwig classic maple long lugs, possibly from 1994 1995. Deep toms : 22x16 12x11 13x12 16x16. See through colour and modular hardware (no rims). the kit seems in good shape and those are pretty rare in France. It's quite...
  14. Tamaefx

    Tama Granstar : Worth ?

    Hello guys, I have the opportunity of purchasing what seems to me a good bargain. A guy is selling a complete Tama Granstar (22 12 13 16 + snare) with some hardware (hi hat stand snare stand cymbal stand, complicate tom arms). The price is low after little talking : 400 € > 472 $. Seems...
  15. Tamaefx

    TRICKY 16"

    Hi everyone, I come to ask you some advises. I have a big Premier Signia with suspended floor toms. I have changed heads quite recently, clear G1 on the 10 12 13 and G14 on the 14x12 and 16x14". The four first toms sound and tune like breeze, lively and coherent. My problem is more about the...
  16. Tamaefx

    Go Simple ply all the way

    Hi Guys, After having always played twin plies tom heads, I did a test few weeks ago : I had a 12" Clear Ambassador that was doing nothing, so I decided to test the sound. I was not entirely satisfied with my G2 coated on my Premier, I liked them a lot on my former Tamas, but not on the...
  17. Tamaefx

    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    Hey guys, Newly subscribed this forum, let me show my drum kit ! So, after many mid level Tama kits : 3 rockstars, 1 superstar and Silverstar, I bumped into this bargain. One of my dream kit. So it's a seven pieces Signia : 22x16, 10x9, 12x10, 13x11, 14x12, 16x14 Coral White plus a snare drum...
  18. Tamaefx

    New member from France

    Hi everyone, I've finally took a step forward and joined this forum after reading a lot of interesting people. So I introduce myself, I'm Tamaefx, I'm French, living not too far from Paris. I'm in my forties, but not feeling so :-) and I've been playing drum as an enthusiast for something...