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  1. retoxtony

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    We got cancelled for our March 21st gig. Also, the province I live in has banned all gatherings of over 250 people so that means a few of our other gigs will probably get cancelled but nobody has called us yet. Not the worst news since my hand is still healing up from having a tendon reattached...
  2. retoxtony

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    Nirvana- Nevermind Rage Again The Machines first album L7- The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum Rancid-...and Out Comes The Wolves Bad Religion- Stranger than Fiction Pearl Jam- Ten
  3. retoxtony

    Gretsch snare drums

    How do you like the USA bell brass? I keep wanting a bell brass snare and it’s the only one I know of that’s priced somewhat reasonable. The vids I’ve seen if it sound great but I’ve never come across one in person.
  4. retoxtony

    Acrolite buying advice

    Not sure if the acrolite is really a upgrade from a Tama SLP maple. Pretty different sounding drums but I’d consider the SLP to be a better built drum than an older Acro. Every time I swap a head on my acrolite or supraphonic I can’t help but think how cheaply made everything is about them...
  5. retoxtony

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    I admit I’m a little intrigued by some of the new Dixon offerings. The kits look good and have some nice finishes and some of the new snare drums look really nice. I’m a sucker for wood hoops and they have a few kits and snares with them. I don’t even mind the new logo. It’s a little on the big...
  6. retoxtony

    Most Underrated Snare Drums

    The whole line of SLP snares seems to be a really good value. Everyone I’ve come across seems to sound really good. One snare i think is underrated would be the older Mapex Saturn snares. Not sure if Mapex even currently makes a snare in their Saturn series but the older ones can be found...
  7. retoxtony

    Very First Kits

    I got a new white Pearl Forum kit in 1991. 22, 12, 13, 16 and a 14 snare. Sabian B8 hihats and a B8 crash ride. I used that kit for 5 or 6 years and I don’t think I ever changed the stock heads. Back then I had no idea what sounded good or bad, I was just happy to have a set of drums.
  8. retoxtony

    Canadian stave snares

    I like the idea of leaving the staves flat on one side. I’ve always wanted to try to make a stave drum out of my old hockey sticks and somehow leave the sides flat so you could see the old logos on the side and just lacquer over them. From my understanding wooden hockey sticks were usually made...
  9. retoxtony

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    Mine is the studio. The filter seems to help but once it gets into the high 300s it doesn’t make much difference. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos that have offered some tips but even on those videos they say it can be hit/miss on snares. I’m more interested in using it for my toms anyways. I...
  10. retoxtony

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    Thanks for this guys. I’m gonna give some of these numbers a try. I bought a tune bot a few weeks ago and I was on the fence about whether I should return it or not. So far I’ve found it basically useless for tuning snares and not too great for bass drums. But maybe I just need more time to...
  11. retoxtony

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

    Inde had a sale on their metal snare drums. I wanted to get a 6.5x14 but they sold out pretty quick and I missed out. last time I checked he still had some brass and steel shell snares left.
  12. retoxtony

    Snare choice?

    If I remember right World Max makes some of the shells that other companies use for their imported lines of snare drums. I think the Pork Pie black brass snare uses one of their shells and maybe the lower end ludwig brass snares. That Patina brass pork pie might even be a world max shell. If...
  13. retoxtony

    Snare choice?

    Of the snares on that page I’d buy the Ludwig acrolite or the Pork Pie patina brass. They’re both a little over your 149 budget but they’re both quality drums.
  14. retoxtony

    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    one myth I was always told is that 8 lug snare and bass drums are inferior to ones with 10 lugs. And while I now know that’s not the case I still prefer a 10 lug bass drum over a 8 lug. I think it’s mostly about aesthetics but for some reason i still see 8 lugs as cheap or low end, at least on...
  15. retoxtony

    Mapex or Gretsch?

    Neither are going to be great kits. I have zero experience with the Mapex kit but I have spent quite a bit of time playing on a set of Gretsch Energy’s. In my last band the singers son had a set so when we rehearsed I used them. I put on some better heads (can’t remember what exactly) and I got...
  16. retoxtony

    Frustrated Yamaha Live Custom Owner

    Gonna be tough to find an oddball size like that but reverb is probably gonna be your best bet. I’ve been looking for an 8” tom and a matching snare for my Amber shadow Live Customs and haven’t had much luck. I also bought mine once they were already discontinued so I knew finding any add ons...
  17. retoxtony

    What's your latest purchase?

    I’ve been trying to not buy any new drum gear lately but I made a few good purchases in the last 2 weeks. I ended up getting myself a used 6.5x14 Dunnett Titanium snare for $500 Canadian. That’s about $390 USD so it was a hard deal to pass up. So far I’m happy with it but I still prefer my old...
  18. retoxtony

    Will deep bass drums ever make a comeback?

    I think deeper bass drums are already starting to go away and I’m ok with that. I’m finding more kits being offered with a 22x16 than a few years ago. I’ve always preferred a 22x16 over the deeper drums even though I do currently have 2 kits with a 22x18. For gigging I really prefer my 22x16...
  19. retoxtony

    What y’all think about this set?

    I’d stay away from the Sabian B8s. While there are some cymbals using B8 material that are great sounding (paiste 2002 or giant beats come to mind) the low end Sabian are pretty awful sounding. I started out with Sabian B8 and they were gone as soon as I started gigging. Also, the resale on them...
  20. retoxtony

    Factory Yamaha Heads- what are they?

    So I got my my set of Yamaha Live Oaks yesterday and they came with heads marked Yamaha BE Batter as the batter heads and the reso heads are marked as Yamaha Batter ( no BE batter on these ones). They are all marked as made by Remo. The bass drum batter head is also marked as a Yamaha Batter...