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  1. MrInsanePolack

    Today in Musical History

    September 28th 1902 Ed Sullivan is born. His tv show would introduce many new acts to the American public, including the Beatles. 1966 Kenny Wilson, aka Ginger Fish (drummer for Marilyn Manson) is born. 1976 Stevie Wonder releases Songs in the Key of Life. 1991 Garth Brooks album Ropin' the...
  2. MrInsanePolack

    Too obsessed with drums?

    I have been obsessed with drums since I can remember. It's all I've ever wanted to do. And now that I've been playing them for almost 3 decades, I'm still obsessed with them. Maybe even more so.
  3. MrInsanePolack

    Two floor tom set ups. 14/16 or 16/18?

    All 3. Put the 18 next to the hats.
  4. MrInsanePolack

    Outside the box drum shells

    I'm not worried about the cost of glue, rather the amount of glue vs wood. The more staves, the more glue. I'm thinking here about how much glue is used in ply drums and how that glue affects the wood. A stave drum only has glue at the joints. The less joints, the less glue, the more pure wood...
  5. MrInsanePolack

    Outside the box drum shells

    I guess depending on how many staves I used it could work. It's maybe 4 inches in diameter at the base though. If the staves were 2", that's roughly 20 staves for a 13" drum as a 13" drum is approximately 40" in circumference. That's a bunch of glue.
  6. MrInsanePolack

    Drum Kit made from Reclaimed Closet Doors

    This is a perfect example of why construction is more important than materials. Those drums sound horrible, even with the "better" wood. I'm a bit miffed that he got brand new, donated heads. The rest of us who actually play have to buy those things. Even manufacturers have to buy heads.
  7. MrInsanePolack

    Today in Musical History

    September 27th 1964 The Beach Boys make their tv debut on the Ed Sullivan show. They perform "I Get Around" and "Wendy". 1982 Lil Wayne is born. 1984 Avril Lavigne is born. 1986 Cliff Burton, bass player for Metallica, dies in a bus accident when the bus hits black ice, ejects a sleeping...
  8. MrInsanePolack

    Would You?

    I personally feel like they are business first, music second.
  9. MrInsanePolack

    Rhythm and time habits

    I'm not a fan of the teeth clenched, scrunched face look that many drummers employ. Almost like drumming is painful. Bozzio makes this face a lot. I find myself clicking my teeth to count sometimes.
  10. MrInsanePolack

    Would You?

    My wife sent me this pic (no she didnt take it). The shirt is $0.99 in a thrift store. Would you wear it or no? I would. Its obnoxious and I like that sorta thing.
  11. MrInsanePolack

    Outside the box drum shells

    That's a good idea. I looked at the one I took down and it's too small for staves after it gets debarked and squared. It's big enough to make sticks out of though.
  12. MrInsanePolack

    Today in Musical History

    September 26 1948 Olivia Newton-John is born. She was 29 when she played Sandy in Grease. 1969 The Beatles release Abbey Road in the UK.
  13. MrInsanePolack

    Ideas for Bass Vocals and Drums

    And you have not posted this song in the Song of the Day thread because? 🙂
  14. MrInsanePolack

    Outside the box drum shells

    Same here. It grows like mad on the south side of my house. I cut down like 15-20 of them of various size and ages this spring. I drilled out the stumps and filled them with epsom salt and the !@#$%^ things still continue to try and grow. I cant mow there so I weed eat that part of the yard.
  15. MrInsanePolack

    10x9, 13x11 for rack toms?

    10 up, 13/16 down, 18 on the left here. I personally wouldnt run 10/13/18, but rather 10/14/18. I like the spacings to be even. It makes my brain happy.
  16. MrInsanePolack

    Lyrics you just got wrong

    Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do The actual lyric: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, been wishin' for you Ooh, ooh Tryna do what lovers do ooh What I hear: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I make shit for you Ooh, ooh Trying to do what lovers do Tell me you dont hear it too.
  17. MrInsanePolack

    Outside the box drum shells

    Honey locust or black locust. We have them here in Arkansas. They are thorny trees, have a decent hardness (1580 and 1700), and are rot resistant. In old times, the honey locust thorns were used as nails. I'd also like to try fruit or nut trees...
  18. MrInsanePolack

    Today in Musical History

    September 25th 1980 John Bonham is found dead at Jimmy Pages house after a drinking binge. He was 32.
  19. MrInsanePolack

    Fun "For Sale" Ads

    I love that it was "appraised at $2500". On what planet? I'm gonna take my stuff to Utah and have it appraised too.
  20. MrInsanePolack

    Tama Star Bubinga vs Walnut?

    Wow! That is quite the setup. The lift (? What do you call this?) is impressive in itself. That small sun looks like something to behold also. But what I really wanna know is... you still have to stick your hand in there and push the button?