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  1. yammyfan

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    I think it's safe to say that the Collectors Series draws the most criticism out of all of DW's lines. There's a host of reasons for that and no doubt some of it is warranted. I struck gold and came in at the entry level of DW's product line where they've had a hit with the Design Series. I...
  2. yammyfan

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    Some folks prefer that big wet sound. :LOL:
  3. yammyfan

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    Agreed. We're unbelievably fortunate these days. I own Gretsch, Yamaha, DW and Ludwig kits at present. They're all charming and enjoyable in their own way. I've owned Pearl, Mapex and Tama kits in the past and felt the same way about them. Biggest and best surprise was DW. Once I got a set of...
  4. yammyfan

    Overtone Labs Tune Bot Studio

    Well done. You clip it in place and only move it when necessary.
  5. yammyfan

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    Yup. Anyone who finds it hard to understand the appeal of one brand over another likely finds it difficult to understand the appeal of any brand.
  6. yammyfan

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    Once you own a set of DWs, you get it. They're phenomenal drums.
  7. yammyfan

    Help Ordering DW Drums

    DW Frequent Flyer might be a good choice for a small, jazzy kit.
  8. yammyfan

    10x9, 13x11 for rack toms?

    Go for it. Just realize that selling afterwards may be very, very difficult.
  9. yammyfan

    Overtone Labs Tune Bot Studio

    Tune Bots are awesome. Arguably the best thing to happen to drums in the last decade. I highly recommend watching just about everything you can on how to use one. It's easy but it's still a skill that takes practice. Maybe start here:
  10. yammyfan

    Well known music store

    Could this be a case of the lower priced kit being out of stock at the first two retailers but available at Sweetwater at the regular price? OP tries to secure the lower price without having to wait for stock levels to return? Some retailers stipulate that the competitor has to have the item in...
  11. yammyfan

    Clear Remo black dots

    I'm anxious to try black dots on my DW kit but I have to burn through the clear pinstripes first. I think the black dots will look sharp with the piano black lacquer.
  12. yammyfan

    I need pc speaker recommendations under $150 USD

    Keep an eye out for those X-230s if you can - they were sleepers back in the day and performed like units cost 2x-3x as much.
  13. yammyfan

    I need pc speaker recommendations under $150 USD

    They've been out of production for a while but if you can find a set of Logitech X-230 speakers on the used market, they could be just what you're looking for.
  14. yammyfan

    Festival experience :(

    A couple of years ago the band I was playing in hired another band to open for us. We offered them a 45 minute set and they agreed. Problem is, they wouldn't get off the stage and played for 90-100 minutes. They must have said "last one - promise!" ten times. Not the same thing as what...
  15. yammyfan

    Resonance vs. Ring vs. Sustain

    Good read. I agree with your definitions. Thanks for posting!
  16. yammyfan

    $500 off a Renown set and a Starclassic set at GC...

    That's a smoking deal for a set of Renowns. The website says $1596 CDN. I paid $2499 CDN for mine last year.
  17. yammyfan

    Demo of the New Dunnett

    Sounds great at all tunings - truly a workhorse snare. Nice acquisition!
  18. yammyfan

    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    With all due respect; I think you overestimate how much the average audience member cares about the sound of the drums - especially the snare. I don't think they care at all. If anything, the sound of the cymbals (and the volume they're played at) makes or breaks the drummer's sound.
  19. yammyfan

    List of 500 top drummers

    Kids like designating musicians/bands/brands/etc. as "best" whereas grownups prefer to use the term "favourite". Saying that Keith Moon is your favourite drummer is a lot more nuanced (and defensible) than saying that he is the best drummer.
  20. yammyfan

    Mapex Orion vs Gretsch Renown

    So far, your prediction is holding up!