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  1. Blue

    Chops, little groove

    Just some footage of me playing some fast stuff. Been trying to overcome some bad habits, and found a new freedom, and so recorded it. It is not incredibly musical, or groove, but, hopefully you dig it. It's only a minute twenty seconds long. Thanks for watching...
  2. Blue

    3 minute solo

    Whats up drummerworld. I don't frequent this site too much anymore, but I just recorded a small practice session/solo with my sony bloggie, and wanted to get some outside opinions. This one is a little all over the place, but I would love some critique on this. Cheers...
  3. Blue

    Drum flip cam footage from live show

    This is some footage I took with a flip cam during a show my band played recently in Louisville, Kentucky while on tour with Framing Hanley and Sore Eyes, which was a TON of fun, because they are all cool as hell. I would like to mention that I have some serious issues with my drumming in terms...
  4. Blue

    Just nothing

    Hey everybody! Here's a little solo on my electric kit I did recently in my room in my appartement in Brooklyn. I think its pretty good for what it is. I drag a little bit I think, which really bothers me, and some of it aint too clean, but its closer to what I've been working towards in terms...
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    My band and I (Ionia)

    I want to post a clip from when my band went on tour earlier this year. We're called Ionia and we are from New York City. I auditioned for them a year ago and got the gig. It is filmed from a someone in the audience. Any comments are welcome. Let me know what you think of the band too. Thanks...
  6. Blue

    Cymbal stands rotating over/falling over constantly!

    My cymbals keep on rotating over... constantly. I've never had this problem in my life, until I started playing this band a year ago. Now, it's like every other song. The cymbal starts to tilt, and then it just rolls over... because the lug can't hold it in place. On pearl stands, it is the two...
  7. Blue

    1/1/11 Youtube Drum Solo

    Hello fellow drummers. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Below is a link for a solo I did today and posted to youtube. Please lend me your judgement. Thank you! (For some reason, the computer recorded the image as if you were watching through...
  8. Blue

    My roomate and I smashin' out!

    My Roomate, Jovol "Bam Bam" Bell, and I, were jamming on my v-drums in Brooklyn tonight, and we decided to video a little of it. We alternate, him first, then me, and then him again. We were just having some fun. He's real sick. He went to Berkley, and he's the main reason I moved into this...
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    Drum Solo (Audio) and Original

    Hey Everyone. I recently recorded a drum solo after having been away for nine months and having only my pad. I'd like to share it with you and was hoping you could comment on it and tell me what you all think. Thank you very much! I uploaded here, but if for whatever reason it doesn't work...
  10. Blue

    Melbourne Busking (street performing)

    Hey everyone, Here are two clips of me playing the buckets in Melbourne Australia. I did this to make money because I didn't really have any while I was there. I was able to make enough for food and anything I really needed. I would go out on a friday or saturday night, busk all night and...
  11. Blue

    Sick Jam!

    I recorded this sick jam with a couple of musos (as they call them in Australia) recently. It turned out really well. It was the first time any of us ever jammed together. While jamming on the bass, I made up this really cool riff, and that is what we are jamming on, but I am on drums in the...
  12. Blue

    Three Minute Bucket Solo Video @ Talent Show

    I played at a talent show at my youth hostel in Australia, doing a bucket solo, as a street performer would. I'm not nearly as fluid or proficient as those you'd find in New York City. I need to watch some of their vids and draw inspiration, but this is what I do. I actually do use these on the...
  13. Blue

    Pad Work on Speed/middle-finger fulcrum

    I've been trying to learn the middle-finger fulcrum and have have some difficulty getting it to feel comfortable, but I just figured it out a few days and wanted to record it. My speed has been getting so incredible lately, I wanted to share it with you all and see what you thought. Thanks...
  14. Blue

    Bucket Drumming on Stage!!

    Hey Everybody, I had a really cool thing happen to me the other day. I'm currently backpacking in Australia, picking fruit for work and living at a youth hostel. The money is tight, so I've been going busking (street performing) with buckets to make a little extra cash. On my second day...
  15. Blue

    Drum Grip- keeping the opening in your hand

    When I look at pictures of great drummers- John Bohnam, Jon Theodore, Aaron Spears, Virgil Donati, they don't usually have that space between their thumb and forefinger open, and yet, everyone touts that as being a must. Why? I don't think it's that important. When you're hitting hard, it's...
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    Another solo on my beautiful DW's... Ah, how I love them :)
  17. Blue


    Here's an portable solo I did on my DW kit the other day. Please tell me anything I could work on... technqiue, groove, whatever. The sound quality I got off of my digital camera is not great, although I think the bass drum sounds pretty good. Does anything look out of whack? I've been working...
  18. Blue

    Shaking off the rust

    It's been a while since I've played, since I've been living in Colorado and had four roomates in a tiny appartment, but I just arrived at my brother's place and he has an electric kit, so I tried it out, and it's pretty fun. I've been doing some pad work while in Colorado, and playing a few open...
  19. Blue

    Millionth Solo

    Solo Video I know I've been posting a million solos, and haven't really commented much on others, but I've had a technique breakthrough, in the sense that I think I've figured out what's been plaguing me, technique-wise, for many years now, and wanted to post a video. My playing, for me, has...
  20. Blue

    Appartment Solo Deux

    A medium length solo on just a bass drum pad, snare drum, and hi-hat.