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    Gretsch Renown Replacement Drum Heads- Any tips?

    Does anyone have suggestions for replacement heads for their gretsch renown kits(or others)? Should I also consider replacing the resonant heads as well or just start with the batters?
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    DW 5000 Adjustment Advice

    I’m newbie drummer looking to get some advice on how to adjust an older single chain DW5000. I’ve adjusted the spring tension and beater height etc and can’t seem to get the pedal to stop rattling. It’s very noisy. I noticed the chain is not fully set back as far as it can go (looks like it...
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    Gretsch Renown Single Cymbal Mount on Tom Bracket - Sizing?

    Hello, I just purchased a new 20" renown fusion kit and i'm trying find the correct size cymbal boom/straight attachment for the cymbal mount on the tom bracket. Anyone have any suggestions on sizing? I would just be mounting a spash, so a straight or boom could work. Just trying to find the...
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    Roc n soc nitro- tall or standard height?

    Hi I’m looking to purchase a Roc N Soc Nitro and I’m trying to decide between the regular height or the tall version. I’m 6’1”. Any feedback from users that have one already would be great! thanks
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    Aquarian Superpad Won’t Fit 20” Gretsch Kick Drum

    I just bought a 20” super-pad for my 20” renown kick drum and I can’t seem to get it to sit flush against the head due to the lugs/hardware. Anyone else have this problem or any advice? I’d hate to think that i would need to remove the hardware each time I want to use the pad on my kick. Not...
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    Gretsch USA Custom Vs. Renown

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I'm actually a guitarist that is looking for a decent Gretsch drum set for recording and occasional gigs/rehearsal. I'm came across a 2018 renown kit for $1000.00 locally and a nice USA custom for $1300. Given those prices, I would assume the USA custom would...