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    What products have caused you to become a snob?

    I definitely have preferences when it comes to cymbals. To the point of snobbery, I don't think so. Just played a show with a full backline provided. I had the option to take and swap out gear, but didn't. The kit was a newer DW. The cymbals were mix of Sabian HHX and AAX. I did my best to...
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    Drum rack to midi controller stand

    What kind of controller do you plan on using? That info will help folks suggest a stand.
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    Cymbals with a specific kit

    Going with hats plus two cymbals, suggest you make those two cymbals multi-purpose. Crashable-rides or rideable-crashes. Something like a medium to medium-thin 22" ride, and a thin 20" crash/ride. Start by figuring out what sounds good to you. Don't get hung up on any branding re genre or use...
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    If you put your HH pedal in a hardware bag do you screw off the rod?

    Like others, I use the hi-hat clutch as a handle to unscrew the top portion of the rod. Once the top half is out, I remove the clutch and slip that part of the rod in the bottom half. Then I slip the top half back in the bottom half, over both pieces of the rod, for transport. A strip of...
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    How do you get that "almost no snare" snare sound?

    I am not a fan of high count snare wires. I prefer the tone of the drum to be dominant - not the snare wires - and have experimented with cutting down standard sets. 8 strands works nice on shallower snares (5.5 and under). Anything above that, I prefer 12 strand wires. I have 12 strand...
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    Help please. How is this groove counted?

    The little fill is a half measure (1-2 instead of 1-2-3-4). If you count the bars normally (1-2-3-4) from the beginning of that section, and then count the fill bit as (1-2), it should make sense. As I listened that is how I counted it. No thought. The chord hang of the bass and guitars is...
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    I prefer solid black

    👆 This. All black all the way. Sexual chocolate!
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    When I buy drums, it's for their sound. While I appreciate the eye candy, I usually settle on black, or dark wood. I now own the last kit that caught my ear sonically. My GAS drums wise is low to non-existent.
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    recording drums to a click but other musicians are out of time

    I've been there. Scratch tracks with tempos on a sliding scale. Best option is to record to using a click and a quickie chart. If you have time, record your own click with vocal cues (Intro-2-3-4, Verse-2-3-4, etc.). Play along to that. If this is your band, no excuse to not know the songs...
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    China/Trash Cymbals - to have, or not to have

    I have a few different chinas but haven't used any in years. I prefer to use trash crashes, on their own or as a stack, for that type sound. My standard setup now is hats, ride and one crash. When I add a second crash it will usually be darker, drier (ex. Meinl Byzance Extra Dry) or a straight...
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    Free Educational Resources - Websites, Blogs, Youtube

    It's a great list so far. Gets my vote for stickie worthy (y)
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    Free Educational Resources - Websites, Blogs, Youtube

    I see it says 'Sign Up Free' on that website. Are the courses actually free? A few of links swissward listed have additional pay for content. However they all have a huge amount of content that is free (no sign up required).
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    I think the moderators do a great job here!

    I agree! I am especially fond of the 13x6.5 Musashi's bouquet :)
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    In-ear + Triggers Setup - Latest Incarnation

    With everything in the one case, it's easy enough to move. Just a touch wider than my Yamaha Multi-12. Another benefit - at least to my mind. Having the separate components managing different things means more flexibility when issues arise. If my EAD dies, I only lose the samples. If my tablet...
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    In-ear + Triggers Setup - Latest Incarnation

    I don't own an SPD-SX. Except for the case, I already had all the components. I do own a Yamaha Multi-12, but don't like having to make a hard left to play the pads. I prefer to have triggers/pads in front, inside my kit.
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    In-ear + Triggers Setup - Latest Incarnation

    The top40/CHR project I am in has some fly-in casino dates coming up. Backline provided, but will still need to take a few things. The major piece that needed tweaking was my in-ear setup. I wanted it small enough for carry on, but also plug and play. The components in the case are: Mackie...
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    Your practice area set ups

    You've got the essentials. Lots of magic can happen there. (y)
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    And a new twist

    You were born to do this! :D
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    Uhhh…wierd setup.

    Someone forgot to read the manual.
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    Crash cymbals best for riding during hard rock/punk grooves

    A starting point for discussion...