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    electronic programming...taken to a new level?

    I stumbled across this artist, i'm very impressed with the electronic programming going on
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    Funk!! my jazz trio playing funk! so killer
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    Fun For the Whole Family

    Dig just messin' around keepin' it real
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    For all you prog heads check out the demo of my band we will be tracking a full length soon so it'll be better produced and w/ a click
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    Hot Teen Jazz Band

    ya dig?
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    Solo Ideas Feedback encouraged quality isn't ideal but the ideas are present!
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    Feedback on this solo...?

    Hi everyone just curious as to what you think of this solo
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    Actual Proof..killer funk groove

    here is me droppin' actual proof, and messin' around a little bit. I recorded the whole video with a metronome at 120 bpm. (sorry the cymbals cut through too much, this is the best audio quality i could get) I'd love some feedback!!!!! thanks
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    Signature Sticks!

    So....what are your views on signature sticks? I personally think they're cool, but tell me what you think. Unoriginal or Inspiring? Let's hear it!
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    the overall audition environment...

    Today I had my audition for the Berklee Five Week Performance Program (I was rewarded partial scholarship to the program through video submission) and did decent. After observing the procedure through word of mouth and looking through the windows I realized everything they were asking I could...
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    hearing issues...?

    I've been wearing the vic-firth isolation headphones since i've been playing but recently i've been letting my left ear outside of the headphones. I do this because i like to partially hear the tone of the drums especially when i'm playing jazz or fusion. i haven't noticed any resultant effects...
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    jazz band.. embarrassing moment

    I play in the school jazz band and normally I keep the charts pretty fresh, adding some spice and holding together the band. Today, we pulled out some old material and it was an up-tempo latin tune. My band director started counting off the tune a bit slow (cut-time feel) and so I instantly...
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    homemade rivets

    I want to put rivets in my cymbal without putting in too much money or alot of dirty work. does any have any good methods or subsitutes for this. also i used a beaded chain that i found laying around as a sizzler on my cymbal and it sounds pretty kickass!
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    Virtuoso Drummers?

    Can't say I have ever heard the term virtuoso attached to any type of drummer or percussionist. Why is this? There are plenty of incredibly skilled, versatile drummers who could probably qualify for this honorable title.
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    berklee camp scholarship

    I'm planning to apply for a scholarship for the berklee five week program for fusion/funk. I've chosen what my three audition videos will contain and that is: an original solo, a cover of "space" by chick corea elektric band II, and a cover of "actual proof" with my buddy who is a bassist and...
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    My Polyrhythm Video

    Check it out and tell me what you think...
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    I think I may have developed back problems...

    Recently I have had pretty damn bad back problems (everytime I sneeze I'm in agonizing pain) but I sit relatively straight up in the throne with my thighs parallel to the ground. DO I NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY I'M PLAYING DRUMS!!?!?!? (By the way, I'm fifteen so it's not because I'm an old man or...
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    This is just a fun little thread I wanted to make to see who could create the ultimate drummer!!! Example of how to construct ultimate drummer: Foot technique of ________ Hand technique of ________ Independence of __________ etc. etc. (Basically choose important aspects of drumming such as...
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    advice for becoming a versatile drummer

    with all the styles of music how can i become more versatile and fluent in the many genres?
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    jazz drumming/traditional grip/rudiments

    Here's the deal: My studies are starting to bring me to focusing on jazz drumming and become better at improvising in the various jazz genres and using more complex rudimental patterns. I've got my rudiments in the pocket for traditional grip, however, I'm more comfortable playing matched grip...