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  1. Goreliscious

    Old school thrash/death metal sound

    Assuming you've done as much as possible with skin selection, tuning, mic poisitioning etc, what sort of EQ/reverb/compression etc goes into getting this sorta drum sound... Bass drum and toms: Snare: How do...
  2. Goreliscious


    How do you go about getting endorsement? Can you seek endorsement or do you have to be approached? Cheap stuff is better than full price stuff.
  3. Goreliscious

    VST plugins

    I'm new to recording/mixing and have just discovered what VST plugins are... Can anyone tell me if there's plugins that have a whole range of drum EQ/reverb/compression presets? I have a very basic DAW with crappy presets. I've tried a bit of Googleing but I need help with search terms as I'm so...
  4. Goreliscious

    5 piece tom configuration

    Anyone else find that you write beats and fills differently depending on whether you're using a 2 up 1 down kit or a 1 up 2 down kit? I recently changed from using a 1 up 2 down kit to a 2 up 1 down kit and suddenly started putting more rolls in and less tom rhythms in. With 1 up 2 down I...
  5. Goreliscious

    Stiff forearm

    Can anyone suggest some simple warm ups or stretches I can do before a gig to stop my right forearm ceasing up and getting painful? Nowadays I take a practice pad with me and play some basic rudiments on it for about 5-10 minutes before we go on so that I've warmed up a little without using up...
  6. Goreliscious

    dead 13" Pinstripe

    Hi, I have a 5 piece with 12", 13", 16" toms. The 12" and 16" are fine but I can't get anything out of the 13", it sounds like the drum is full of cotton wool. All 3 skins are new, though I did however buy the 13" after the 12" and 16" as they were originally on my old kit which was 12", 14"...
  7. Goreliscious

    quick Drum Dial/Tension Watch question...

    I live in a flat so I can't play the drums properly to check their tuning - I can do pitch tap tests then give them a gentle hit to get an idea, but it's not till I get to band rehearsal that I really find out how they sound...and then I often find that what sounded OK in my flat is actually not...
  8. Goreliscious

    Really weird snare stand...

    Can anyone offer up a reason for this?... I bought a single braced snare stand to replace my double braced one. To set it up so it was at the same height and angle of my double braced stand I had the stands setup side by side and was moving the snare between the two. Suddenly I noticed that...
  9. Goreliscious

    Cheap Pearl/Mapex bags

    Has anyone got any feedback on using Mapex or Pearl cheap bags? I just need a cheap and basic set of bags for my spare kit.
  10. Goreliscious

    Storage Temperature

    I've got a question about storing drums... I leave a set of PDP drums in my old bedroom at my parents place stacked up in Protection Racket furry/padded bags. My parents live in the countryside and I don't leave a radiator on in the room when I'm not there so it can get very cold. The...
  11. Goreliscious

    China cymal placement

    I've always had my china cymbal to the right of my ride, (I'm right handed), but a combination of getting fed up with not having enough room in tiny venues to have it positioned there, and now doing backing vocals so I don't want to have to turn away from the mic too much means I've repositioned...
  12. Goreliscious

    Vocal mic stand ideas?

    Has anyone got any tips or tricks for quick and easy drummer vocal mic stand? I'm struggling to find a good spot for a boom stand and seeing as the venues my band plays generally have tiny stages, I really don't want the added stress of having to find a spot for a mic stand too. I want to avoid...
  13. Goreliscious

    Remo Controlled Sound

    What's the difference between the CS and CS X skins...aside from the colour of the dot? Is the CS X dot on the underside whilst the CS is on top? There's nothing to say they're different thicknesses. Controlled Sound:
  14. Goreliscious

    Gravity blasts

    2 questions: Anyone change their grip/fulcrum point they're gravity blasting? What sorta snare angle and height do you find works best? I learnt to gravity blast years back when my snare setup was different. I don't think I'm as good at it as I used to be even though I think my snare setup is...
  15. Goreliscious

    Headset mic for death metal?

    Hey, can anyone recommend a headset mic for a death metal drummer doing backing screams/shouts? I don't want to get something naff and waste my money, but on the other hand I can't imagine I need something too posh cos I'm not "singing" into it. I've tried a mic on a stand next to me but it...
  16. Goreliscious

    Wrist Angle - flying fingers blast

    Finally bothering to learn flying fingers on my left side as well as my right. I setup a mirror infront of a practice pad to see how my sides compare, noticed my left wrist bending up whereas my right wrist is pretty damn straight to my forearm which to me makes ergonomic sense! Did a bit of...
  17. Goreliscious

    Today I bought...

    A second hand Mapex Mars Pro 12, 13, 16, 22 + 14 snare in pretty much mint condition for £110. I am chuffed. The end.
  18. Goreliscious

    Alesis DM5 colours

    Some seem to have white pads, some seem to have black, anyone know why this is? My guess is there was there a DM5 kit upgrade that was marked by a pad colour change...but I can't find anything to back this theory up. Rolands are better. I get it.
  19. Goreliscious

    Mesh Heads

    If I take the reso head off, how quiet are mesh heads? Quieter than a practice pad for example? Are they strong? I have a plan to turn a bunch of unused drums into an electronic kit by putting mesh heads on them and triggering them...I'm thinking of using an old snare as the bass drum, (held at...
  20. Goreliscious

    Traps vs Pearl Rhythm Traveler

    I'm sure this topic exists somewhere but I can't find it by searching... Has anyone tried both? Got any preferences/advice? At first I was leaning towards the Traps kit but the frame looks kinda bulky and I'm imagining that it's just as easy if not easier to store/unpack the Pearl kit? No drum...