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    Buyer Asking for 'Receipt of Purchase'

    this is new for me. I sold a bass drum on Reverb and shipped it out with UPS the other day. according to tracking it is currently out for delivery. I just received a message from the buyer saying his post officer never received my receipt of purchase. I told him I was confused as I shipped it...
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    Reverb Increasing Selling Fee

    not a huge increase, but still a bummer. between that and having to pay sales tax on used goods it definitely seems like selling locally, on forums, FB marketplace, etc. is the way to go.
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    Ludwig P85 Bolt Piece Issue

    I just received this throwoff from Musician's Friend and installed it on a snare. I kept having issues with it not doing a good job of tightening, so I decided to take it off the drum. As I was doing so this small bolt type piece popped off. I was able to get it back in, but after moving the arm...
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    Slingerland Snare Identification

    anyone know much about Slingerland and could help identify this snare? seller says it's a 6.5x14 from 1951 (no stamp, but he's going off what his parents said when they bought it for him in 1962). he doesn't know the model and said it was painted like that when he received it. I am looking in...
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    Newer Trixon Snare Drums

    while trying to research what vintage Trixon kits are worth I stumbled upon these newer snares from them. there was an older thread on here which states they're knockoffs (that thread is locked), but according to the Trixon USA website the guy making them now gained control of the company in...
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    Future 'Vintage' Drums

    maybe this is hard to predict, but do you think there are any particular drums (kits or snares) that will be desirable in 30+ years like many of the current vintage stuff (60's/70's Supras and Acrolites, 60's Ludwig kits, Radio Kings, etc)? I also wonder how desirable these items will be in the...
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    Ludwig Acrolite Reissue

    I know these have been out a few years, but I had no clue they were so expensive. the 5x14 is $430 new. that seems crazy to me. are people actually buying these?
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    Heads from Musician's Friend

    has anyone ordered heads from Musician's Friend recently? I ordered a 14" Vintage Emperor Coated and Clear on the 13th and received an order confirmation, but that's it. they are showing as in stock and ready to ship. I know some delays are to be expected currently, but just curious how long...
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    Tension Rod Issue on Snare

    this is the snare that came with the Broadkaster kit I bought a few months ago. all of the tension rods are a little off (the one pictured is the worst- there's probably two like this). no matter what I do I can't seem to get them to line up straight. if I make any adjustments to one it just...
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    Another Kit for Sale!

    if anyone lives in or close to Virginia (it's local pickup only) there's a Tama Starclassic Maple kit (with a bunch of Sabian cymbals and Iron Cobra hardware) up for auction through the Goodwill: it doesn't appear to have a bass drum, but the listing...
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    Size of these Ludwig Lugs?

    would anyone happen to know the size of these lugs on this Rocker tom? small or large classic? the vistalite I am looking to convert to a floor tom arrived today and it has the smaller classic lugs. I came across the pictured tom and will likely look into buying it if the lugs are a match.
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    Mixing Vistalites with Wood Drums

    I recently restored an old 12x24 single-tension wood bass drum. I mostly bought it because it was very cheap and looked cool. I wasn't planning on keeping it, but it sounds better than expected. I now want to piece together a random kit of drums I like (for cheap preferably). I've always liked...
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    1967 Ludwig Super Classic Restoration

    I always enjoy seeing people's restoration posts, so I figured I'd share one of my own! I didn't take too many pictures of the process, but here's a few. So, I bought these 67 Ludwigs on eBay recently and started the restoration process. It was a bit of gamble, but I've always wanted to tackle...
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    60s Acrolite- weird cracking look on shell

    currently on the hunt for a 60's Acrolite to pair with a 68/69 super classic kit I bought last year. I just came across this one on eBay. Any idea what would cause the shell to look like that? I've seen a lot of these throughout my search, but none that look like that.
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    Broadkaster Vintage Build

    it's been awhile since I've been around here, but am pretty excited about this so I had to share! I scored a new 4 piece Broadkaster kit (24, 13, 16, 14x6.5), vintage build, in the satin copper finish. (I really wanted one of these in the antique pearl, but couldn't ever justify spending the...
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    no information inside shells

    i bought a 100th anniversary ludwig classic maple kit of ebay a few months ago and never gave it much thought, but just noticed recently there's no information stamped/stickered on the inside of the shells. i feel like whenever i see pictures i see a circle shaped sticker on the inside. is it...
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    ludwig swivel nut

    i recently received a classic maple kit off ebay. swivel nuts on two of the lugs are broken. (seems as if it was from the rim being cranked too tight for shipping). i found this website: but am unsure of how sizing works. are sizes universal for...
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    another potential craigslist find

    i once missed out on a vintage ludwig kit on craiglist, but i may have found another. the picture is terrible, it's small and the only one listed with the post. i've emailed asking for more/if i can come see them, but have yet to hear back. they mention in the ad they don't know the brand but...
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    One Mic-One Take

    here's my band, Cellophane Windows, taking part in 'One Mic- One Take' (started to showcase local artists) for what it's worth I think the recording came out pretty good. let me know what you think!
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    ludwig craigslist identification

    someone is selling this kit, with 'zilgen symbols/extras' on craigslist not too far from me for $400. when i inquired about it she said she had to ask her husband what kind of ludwig it is. she responded 'ludwig classics sparkle blue'. good chance they are classic maples?