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  1. Christos Asonitis

    Iyesá for the drum set

    Hello dear drummers! Check my latest drum video lesson and learn how to play the Afro-Cuban rhythm Iyesá on the drum set. I first demonstrate seperately the different percussive voices and then i play all together on four different variations. I am looking forward for your feedback. watch the video
  2. Christos Asonitis

    Curtains for home studio

    I would like to buy curtains for my new home studio in order to reduce the loudness. Any suggestions?
  3. Christos Asonitis

    Low Volume Cymbals from Zildjian

    Hello dear drummers! I would like to know when the Low Volume Cymbals from Zildjian will be on the market. Until now you can make only a preorder, but i don't know how much time should i wait until they will be delivered. If anyone knows please let me know. Kind regards
  4. Christos Asonitis

    Sticking Coordinations

    This is a drum video lesson, on which i demonstrate some basic stickings together with a paradiddle ostinato on the feet. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Christos Asonitis

    Christos Asonitis - Hi-Hat Chop

    Christos Asonitis - Hi-Hat Lick Using a double stroke on the right hand with the two edges of the stick.
  6. Christos Asonitis

    Al Foster's 32bar Solo (Transcription)

    Christos Asonitis - Al Foster's 32bar Solo (Transcription) On this video I play a 32bar drums solo of one of my favourite drummers, the legendary Al Foster. The original solo was recorded on the track "You know who (I mean you)" for the Carmen McRay's album "Carmen sings Monk". Watch the video...
  7. Christos Asonitis

    Warm Up Lesson - Cuban diddles

    Christos Asonitis - Warm Up Lesson (Cuban diddles) On this video lesson i present seven rudiments which are based on some of the most popular Cuban rhythms such as Songo, Guaracha, Danzon, Mozambique, Guaguanco and Conga. Watch the video: Download the...
  8. Christos Asonitis

    Christos Asonitis - Brush Lesson HD (variations on Ed Thigpen's basic jazz tempo) Jazz comping with brushes based on Ed Thigpen's basic jazz feel. How you can combine all the eighth note syncopations while you are sweeping. Download the comping score and the play along track at:
  9. Christos Asonitis

    One Drum Samba - A Samba School On One Floor Tom

    A Video that i made as an endorser for my two partners, inspired by the polyrhythms of the Samba School. Enjoy! Christos Asonitis Video's Link:
  10. Christos Asonitis

    Drum Video Tutorials for Brazilian and Cuban Rhythms by Christos Asonitis

    Visit my website and watch my video drum tutorials for Brazilian and Cuban rhythms. You can download every drum score on pdf.file Watch the video lessons Download the drum charts Enjoy! Christos Asonitis