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  1. Muckster

    Soul Sacrifice Fill

    For some reason, the drum fill between the Snare and Crash at :38 of this video just mystifies me. Can someone help me understand what is being played? Thanks.
  2. Muckster

    Things a Drummer would never say:

    "This house kit rocks!" Go!
  3. Muckster

    Recording Studio (St. Louis Area).

    Can anyone recommend a Home or established Recording studio in the St. Louis area to record a few Demo /Vocal tracks? Thanks!
  4. Muckster

    Promark 747 specs changed?

    I'm noticing several models of Promark sticks that i swear have changed since D'addario took over particullarly the 747's. Does anyone have specs of the older 747 models compared to today's?
  5. Muckster

    Sound effects on the fly.

    Did a session over the weekend where Orchestral cymbals were needed. I do not own a pair so i improvised with the two medium thin crashes i had. Placed hi hat cluthes on the cymbals in order to hold them and worked out great. A "rain" sound was also called for so i took a K custom flat ride...
  6. Muckster

    Doumbek Books/DVDs

    I just discovered the Doumbek and love the sound. I would like to learn the correct rhythms as applied to the instrument. Could any Doumbek players out there steer me towards any books or DVD's. Mucho Danke.
  7. Muckster

    Portnoy and the Winery Dogs

    Sorry just venting. The Winery Dogs will be playing a local venue close to me that seats about 200 people. I asked management if it would be possible for a meet and greet. The Dogs stated not only no but hell no. I can understand if this was a large venue but this is a very small venue, I...
  8. Muckster

    Syncopation #2 In the Jazz Idiom For Drumset

    We all know the "Syncopation" book. But has anyone out there worked with the Syncopation #2 book? Wanting to know if it is worth adding to my library.
  9. Muckster

    Can a mediocre drummer from Liverpool go on to fame and fortune?

    Peace and love........Peace and love.
  10. Muckster

    RIP Sam Ulano

    I'm saddened to just learn that Sam Ulano passed away last week. Never met him in person but did have a few drum conversations with him in letters through the years. Nice man!
  11. Muckster

    No reverb added, an experiment in drumming.

    Very cool!
  12. Muckster

    Tune Bot / Idrum Tech lawsuit?

    Has anyone kept up with what is going on there? I'm wondering if Tune Bot has legitimate claims to infringement or is simply killing the competition through court costs?
  13. Muckster

    "Bum Wrap" Drum wraps

    Anyone have any experiences or dealings with "Bum Wrap?" : I'm restoring an old Tama set and some of their wood grain patterns would be awesome.
  14. Muckster

    Stick Bags

    My current stick bag has seen its last days. I'm looking at Protection racket bags at the moment. Anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks!
  15. Muckster

    Drum Fantasy Camp - Steve Smith, Dave Weckl

    My plan was to attend this year but back trouble, surgery and now recovery got in the way. I'll try for next year. Anyone attending this year?
  16. Muckster

    Back surgery success!

    I recently underwent back surgery (herniated disc) and have been cleared to return to work and drive. I'm so glad i did this, i am pain free other than the minor nerve pain at the ankle which is getting better everyday. The Doc told me to start kicking the bass drum like it owes me money and...
  17. Muckster

    Discovering the Piano again

    While i'm recovering from back surgery, i've started to mess around with the piano. What would be the "Stick Control" for Piano? Thanks!
  18. Muckster

    Back trouble

    An MRI has confirmed i have two protruding discs at L4, L5. I see the neurologist on Monday next. I'm quite concerned now about how long this will slow my drumming down. I know i'll have to make some changes, loose a little weight, drum throne with back rest etc... Anyone out there been...
  19. Muckster

    Tony Williams Hi hat on "Fred"

    I'm working on the Tony Williams tune "Fred" and when it comes to the fast ride pattern on the hi hat, i can nail the tempo if play the fist note closing the hi hat with the foot and follow with the last two notes of the ride pattern with the right hand. All while maintaining the snare and bass...
  20. Muckster

    Recording a Vibraslap

    Over the weekend, i was in the studio working on a project which includes a Vibraslap. I was looking to get a sound that lasts as long as the "Crazy Train" Vibraslap but could not get a length anywhere near that. I'm holding the Vibraslap correctly and tried using delay on my board but could...