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  1. Supergrobi

    Photographing performing drummers

    Some examples I like: For me it's all about action, concentration, energy, motion and passion.
  2. Supergrobi

    For those of you who quit drumming professionally and do it as a hobby now, why?

    I honestly love the artistic touch of your markup ❤️
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    For those of you who quit drumming professionally and do it as a hobby now, why?

    A few hints are hidden in the list I posted into this thread, some of them have to do with income: It was more like living a dream, not a real life. It was 100% fun for decades but at some point it became more of a burden than anything else. Additionally I had to leave the building containing...
  4. Supergrobi

    Recording the Ping? Or not?

    I always record pure signals, no effects or processors added. And I always record all mics separately, no grouping whatsoever. I also always try to get what I need by positioning the mics in the first place. In mixing stage it depends on the material and the expectations, so basically the more...
  5. Supergrobi

    Can't Access DW on iPad

    Try go to Settings -> Safari and hit "Clear History and Website Data".
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    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Had to google that one ^^ It looks good, even using decent tags for the cables.
  7. Supergrobi

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Good choice! Although.. Sorry dude, couldn't resist 🤡
  8. Supergrobi

    What's the story behind your user name?

    I've been very goofy and bumbling for my whole life and since I was a child I absolutely love Super Grover ("Supergrobi" in German) for his realness. Lots of parallels. And since he definitely shows more expertise than me IT-wise I thought why not adorn myself with borrowed plumes?
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    Molecules Acrylic bass drum

  10. Supergrobi

    A little unconventional but, love it :)

    I dig the looks: shells at same height, straight cymbals, huge kick - looks like a cannon with balls.
  11. Supergrobi

    Today in Musical History

    September 19th 1985 (!): Frank Zappa and some colleagues hold a free speech in front of congress because some politicians buttoned-down wives exploited their husbands to combat "objectionable" lyrics in modern music, also known as the “PMRC Senate hearing”, the “Tipper Gore-Frank Zappa hearing”...
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    How do I get my username abbreviated?

    That's right. I was told that offerings preferably consist of a crate of Maisel's Weisse put in astrological conjunction with a huge piece of beef. The altar somehow moved to Hemkenrode/Germany lately, dunno, odd things happen. 🤷‍♀️ She yelled "DRUMMERS!" while sweeping out the door. First and...
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    Our brand new music video!

    That move on the final roll!
  14. Supergrobi

    Post rock cymbals

  15. Supergrobi

    Interest in an Electronic Drum Tuner

    Torque in my opinion isn't a good measurement since all screws and lugs have different drag, same for whatever material/washer/rim they are screwed against. A really cool feature would be if the device would have a small internal hammer, consistently hitting the head next to the lug, combined...
  16. Supergrobi

    Bongo's Damage

    Unfortunately not, you have to get a new one.
  17. Supergrobi

    How Scary are DAW Drums?

    I don't worry because to me it's two different worlds: being in the need of just a beat (maybe being a one-man-studio-show) and wanting to play/record drums, maybe together with other musicians. Both are legit, and even though I'm a drummer sometimes I just need a beat without any hassle, firing...
  18. Supergrobi

    Drum and Equip Threads in General

    I presented this new feature to @Bernhard today and he didn't like it too much ("this is SOOO German!" :D) I removed it again. We decided on showing the forums descriptions on the index page now, which might also help selecting the right forum for posting a new thread. Dunno, let's see...