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  1. Mike_L

    The Great Hiatum

    I play drums for The Great Hiatum out of Eugene, OR. We don't like to stick to one particular subgenre within general rock, but instead try to define ourselves with a sound. We can play a song ranging from funk, to blues, to pop, to whatever and we manage to sound like ourselves. :) So we...
  2. Mike_L

    I got my Birthday gift early!

    Just one month from putting my order in, my Classic Maples showed up at my drum shop ready to be picked up just in time to call it an early birthday gift. [My birthday is Saturday, I picked these up last Friday] I won't bore you with any more words: Once I got home and spent quite a...
  3. Mike_L

    This just happened.

    It's going to be a long two months, guys. I've been going back and forth on a new Ludwig CM, and last night after work I made the trip up to Rhythm Traders in Portland and ordered it. I'm incredibly stoked on this; it's my first "new" high end kit. I own a Starclassic Performer that someone...
  4. Mike_L

    Look what I did! (Stave drum build) [PIC HEAVY]

    Hey guys, About a month ago I got a short vacation from work so I decided to spend it on a little project. I've been interested in drum building for a while but never had the funds. So now that I did, I pulled the trigger and went for it. This is the result: It's a 14" x 5.5" red oak stave...