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    Drum Overhead Mic

    Hello. I'm looking for a budget condenser microphone for the kit. I only have 2 inputs on my interface and one input is taken up by my bass drum mic so I am thinking that I will need a large diaphragm condenser mic. I have been using a behringer c1 for a few weeks but have had to send it back...
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    Stagg VB

    Hi Stagg vb cymbals. Are they any good? Wondering if they would work for jazz and other light work where I need to keep the volume down a bit. Or if not, are they just good cymbals anyway that are worth having in? Cheers
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    Vic firth lacquer

    I've played vic firth for the last 10 years now and apart from the fact that they seem to be always increasing in price and decreasing in quality, I've been happy with them. I used to happily recommended them to anyone but the last few sticks I've bought have really dissapointed me. To me, the...
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    Drum track

    Does anyone know where I could find a good(preferebly as close to the origional as possible) of "all star" by Smashmouth? Many thanks Adam
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    Help me please?

    Hi fellow drummers! I have recently started a drumming YouTube channel and am trying to gain a few more subscribers and views. I know that there isn't much content there yet but if you could spare the time to have a look I would be really grateful. Best wishes, Adam...
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    Pearl Decade Snare Drum

    Has anyone ever played one of these snares before? They look quite nice but I am wondering if the price tag reflects the sound and quality.
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    PA Speakers

    Hi. I want a pa speaker that can compete with my drum kit in a small rehearsal space. I am not a hard hitter(I usually play jazz) and it will be only me playing. will the 'Alto TX8 Active PA Speaker' do what I need?
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    My Drumming Audition This is a drum audition I did for a competition recently. I would love to know what everyone thinks of it(good or bad!)