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    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Valid Points, but IMO,they never sound or feel as good as acoustic drums
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    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    from alot of information i have read ,being a pro drummer usually means having his or her own sound & feel on the drums. do you get your own sound on electronic drums ? ,or do you get the sound of software ? Just MY Take on it. no disrespect to drummers who prefer electronic drums
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    Under Rated or Fairly Unknown Drummers

    two solid drummers Floyd chester Sneed - 3 Dog Night Graig Pilo - Frankie Valli &the 4 Seasons
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    When you got your first drum kit, what was the very first song you worked on?

    First drum kit 4pc U S MERCURY First song Hard Days Night Beatles
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    Excellent Darth, this is like watching gears meshing inside one of the finest Swiss watches !!! the pocket blows me away. RIP CHARLIE
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    Fool in the Rain

    I hope that never happens to me ?, i bring a Tarp and rope to every outside gig. WE had a gig once on a barge in an inlet to the LI Sound ,it was a nice day,then while playing the gig a giant thunderstorm came rolling in. we stopped playing the wind picked up it got real dark i put my tarp...
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    Distorted Self Awareness

    JUST DO IT !!!!!
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    Different Drum Sounds . Idea's ?

    thanks for your help drummers
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    Different Drum Sounds . Idea's ?

    thanks for your feedback
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    Different Drum Sounds . Idea's ?

    Can anyone recommend items they lay on their snare ,cymbals or Toms ,to give them different sounds ? Thanks
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    Charlie's Kit unpopular opinion

    Charlie may have used the center hole to give his BD beater a certain feel ,leaving adjusting its sound up to the Engineer .
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    Rest in peace Charlie Watts.

    I bet you alot of drummers around the world played to a Stones song in their basement last night ! I know i did ! ! RIP C .W.
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    Upcoming Netflix Documentary on Drummers

    Thanks great info
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    Very Sad news ,may you rest in peace charlie , thank you for your gifts of drumming and music , i feel very lucky to have received them !!
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    Inexpensive? Yes...but I LOVE THEM

    Yamaha ,stage custom birch kit,about 15yrs old,does it all ! The blue collar drummer kit !!
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    Ten years later, what's changed with your playing?

    1) i have learned how to really listen to the music i am playing to alot better and charting out songs. 2) become better at drum tunning 3) playing more for the song 4) practicing more ,improving my technique . Good Post !