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    Different Drum Sounds . Idea's ?

    Can anyone recommend items they lay on their snare ,cymbals or Toms ,to give them different sounds ? Thanks
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    Drum stick help ?

    having a problem finding a reputable on line dealer for headhunter drumsticks co. any recommendations ? Thanks
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    Viv Firth Bamboo rod fyi

    fyi the vic fitth steve smith tala wand bamboo-11 ,great light feel and sound,is not made by viv firth anymore. you can get them from headhunter drumstick co. they are called Stingers ST-11 . .the co is in canada,they make...
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    Drummers gig carts Recommendations ?

    can you drummers recommend a good gig cart for hauling your drums and hardware ? Thanks
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    Female drummers

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    Tambourine mount suggestions

    any suggestions for tambourine mount that does not Loosen up, other than the HH rod. all the ones i have tried loosen up ? Also where do you mount yours on the set ? Thanks
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    Whats Your Latest Practice ?

    Mine was last night, Stick control ,pg 8 for 1hr
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    Drummers Have A good 4th Of July

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    Drummers over 60 yrs old ?

    What is the most important thing you have recently learned, that is making you a better Drummer ? ( besides Ibuprofen, ha ha ) Mine is : i have learned how to Listen correctly. Thanks
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    Drummers Gloves

    Your Pros & cons on wearing drummers gloves when you play . Thanks PS i know to keep your hands warm lol !
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    Crash/Ride Cymbals ?

    Hey Drummers, i know its self explainetory but does anyone use a crash /ride cymbal instead of a regular ride cymbal . Why ? Pros & Cons ? Thanks
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    Musicians Friend Discrepancy

    word of caution i was going to order an item from mus. friend , on line it shows in stock at NEW item price, i just had a hunch i should call them and talk to sales rep to double check , so he tells me yes they have it in stock ,so i ask him ok you have a new one ,sealed box , he then...
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    Sleeping Giant Snare

    Just played a Gretsch Grand Prix brushed Alumn. 5x14 snare ,3o2 hoops. WOW , Blew me away great professional sound. !! Great price $ 375.00 . Had to run out of the store ,or i would have taken out my Passion Pocketbook and bought it. Man, maybe i should Have ?
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    Inspired to keep working at it !

    Just seen a few Russ Miller Drum videos on Drumeo, great drummer and teacher, inspired me to to keep practicing !!. Check it out !!
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    Doing your job !!

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    Aux HH Mount Suggestions ?

    Thinking of getting an aux HH mount to put hats on my right side besides my main hats. A non cable , manual type. want to attach to a cymbal stand to keep hardware count down. can anyone recommend one that holds up well ? Thanks
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    DRUM magazine ??

    Does anyone know if DRUM magazine has gone out of business ?, i was a subscriber and have not received any more copies of their mag. ,or subscription renewal information for a very long time ? .I think they are are located in Canada ? Thanks
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    ANY drumset players who play percussion?

    are there any drumset players out their who also play percussion ?
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    Percussionist / Conga Question

    I am a drummer and percussion player. I have a 1970's era LP fiberglass conga drum 11 3/4 ,basket mount ,with the orig. lp delux hide head. i would like to add a quinto size drum to my set up . was looking to get a fiberglass quinto,since i figured it would blend better soundwise, since my...