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  1. Seafroggys

    Is it just me?

    Imo, singers and drummers are the two that make or break the band. Having a solid singer and drummer is paramount, you can have average/mediocre guitarists, bassists, keys, horns, etc. as long as the singer and drummer are top notch. A great band cannot save a poor singer (been there too many...
  2. Seafroggys

    Is it just me?

    I hope the modern incarnation of King Crimson will inspire more bands to put the drums in front! Speaking of which, I'm driving 1000 miles tomorrow to go see them!
  3. Seafroggys

    Metallica- Blackened 2020

    Well, I heard this when they first dropped it....seems like I'm the only person here who likes it
  4. Seafroggys

    Yikes...Joey Jordison passed away...

    The great thing about listening to this isolated, is that you can hear the human imperfections in the playing, which tells you that it wasn't quantized.....he was the real deal.
  5. Seafroggys

    How can I improve my marching snare skills?

    And as every drum line instructor has told me......"KEEP YOUR HEIGHTS DOWN!"
  6. Seafroggys

    Zombie Threads

    That's how I look at it. Ongoing threads are definitely a thing (I have my Groove Essentials one that's over 6 years old) and then of course interesting stuff can be discussed in old threads. But then you have super ignorant things like people (usually newbies) responding to an 8 year old thread...
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    Female drummers

  8. Seafroggys

    Emmanuelle Caplette has released her drumming book

    Yep Drumeo live streamed it and I caught it. It was really, really awesome. It pretty much sold me on getting it, haha. The fact that she had videos for each exercise easily accessible with the code was just too much.
  9. Seafroggys

    How Often Do You Change Your Resonant Heads?

    When I was in high school, I created a rule for myself that I would change out snare resos every two batters, tom resos every three batters, and bass drum resos like every few years. I used to rehead my drums all the time in college and early 20's, but now at this point snare heads stay on for...
  10. Seafroggys

    Female drummers

    Boomer humor is so 1990's
  11. Seafroggys

    Immigrant Song

    Damn this is pretty good. I love how everybody else gets dramatic lighting except for you! :D
  12. Seafroggys

    Every Groove Essentials 2.0 Groove

    And next Global Tour! This one was overall harder than the first one, but I only spent about half the time learning. It's actually pretty good, except for my Songo (that's rough, but I survive it). The five grooves are a fast swing, slow rock, 2nd Line, Songo (Afro-Cuban groove), and a Merengue.
  13. Seafroggys

    Female drummers

    "I don't look at gender. I don't care if they're a woman or a man." "Also, the women have to dress a certain way or I don't respect them."
  14. Seafroggys

    Female drummers

    But representation matters
  15. Seafroggys

    350 BPM HANDS!!!!

    The end goal is to be able to play fast. Why does he need any other context?
  16. Seafroggys

    350 BPM HANDS!!!!

    I want to say you did achieve 16th notes at 350 bpm, but you didn't sustain it for the whole 40 seconds, maybe half of that?
  17. Seafroggys

    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Yeah, even if it wasn't religious in nature, no one wants to sit through a 3 hour video to watch a handful of songs.
  18. Seafroggys

    Emmanuelle Caplette has released her drumming book

    Looks to be more rudimental focused, which is pretty cool. Maybe it's worth picking up.
  19. Seafroggys

    Emmanuelle Caplette has released her drumming book

    I'm not particularly big on these type of books from famous drummers, I always get the impression that they really don't offer much new in the way of techniques that you can't get from any of the existing literature (be it Chaffee or Stone or Reed or Rothman), but I've been a fanboy of hers for...
  20. Seafroggys

    Fun Silly Video: Me playing marching tenors for the first time in 16 years

    Thanks guys! I actually think in high school we marched the same sizes, 10,12,13,14 that these are. And our drums were even older than that, at least from the early 90's. But yeah, about those slices.....that's where I was messing up real bad in that video, haha! That first lick involved a few...