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  1. rstix

    Where does your band practice?

    Where does your band practice? How are the acoustics and how large is the place? This is my funk/rock/fusion band Tito's Wild Ride. We're getting some genesis and steely dan covers down for a festival next saturday. I use the gretsch popcorn snare for open-handed funk playing - but it's...
  2. rstix

    George Lawrence Stone - Stick Control

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get my hands up to par with what my brain wants. One of my private drum instructors told me to delve into the George Stone Stick Control. I remember working out of this book a couple years ago but never got very far. I left the book back home in connecticut, but I did...
  3. rstix

    trouble finding exact info on this snare..

    I just bought this snare on sunday for $125. I have been doing some snooping around online to find specs about this one but I'm not 100% sure if they are right because I'm not sure what year this is from. It's a Mapex saturn pro series serial no 508796 made in china. I found this specs online...
  4. rstix

    I'm looking for a poor man's version..

    I'm looking for a poor man's version of this cymbal... it's an Istanbul 22" Mel Lewis ride I use this one with my university jazz band and I've grown to love this beautiful cymbal. My only issue is I cannot afford to pay 400+ dollars for one. What...
  5. rstix

    I need a new ride...what yall think?

    A fellow drummer on craigslist is selling a ton of nice cymbals, shells, snares, because he is going on a cruise gig for the next 3 - 9 years. Anything great stuff here I should haggle on? Keep in mind this is Oklahoma so everyone haggles the shit outta everyone else...
  6. rstix

    what about the rug? your rug!

    I play on a cheap walmart rug I bought last august. I was wondering if I should invest in a nicer oriental rug. I've never paid much attention to the rug until I started gigging heavily this year. The rug must play a crucial role in the RAD (reflection, absorption, and diffusion) of the drums- I...
  7. rstix

    Help me identify this drum's age!

    Hi everyone, I've had this snare for almost 11 years - it was my first drum ever. It is a steel Slinglerland Jam Session. Anyone know when these things came out? I'm guessing it is kind of old - I bought it from an old man who had an ad in the bargin news in the 4th grade lol. Thanks...
  8. rstix

    *Need Help w/ flams taps, doubles traditional grip

    Hey guys - thought I would record myself going over a little of the rough areas of my jury piece I need to perform next week. I'm really struggling with getting my 7th stroke rolls clean, my flams, flam taps, flamadiddles, doubles (and the 9 stroke but that's basically doubles in this case)...
  9. rstix

    meinl byzance medium ride 20"

    meinl byzance medium ride 20" - we are thinkin about getting this for our big band drum set here at the university of tulsa. I got to play on it at my local music shop and thought it sounded godly - but i swear it was a 21 or 22" but i can only find it as a 20" online thoughts?
  10. rstix

    wooden bass drum hoop

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum section for my question. Anyway, the hoop on the batter side of my 18" yamaha stage custom bop set is warped already! How badly dose this disrupt the drum's true sound? And if I want to replace it - which I kinda do because my the rubber protector...
  11. rstix

    who here uses in-ear plugs?

    I just finished a practice session going through a jury piece I'm performing in a week and half. The piece is Steve Gadd's crazy army solo. Anyway, I used some long green foamy ear plugs while I was practicing and my timing - my feel - EVERYTHING felt a billion times smoother and cleaner...
  12. rstix

    Fiberskyn on 18" BD

    Hey Y'all I'm Ricky. This is my first post. I've been playing drums for 10 years and I'm a junior at the University of Tulsa getting my BA in Music w/ a jazz emphasis. So I heard some good reviews from the fiber skyn coated heads. I went to a drum clinic a couple months ago with Dave Hardman...