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  1. felonious69

    How to post pics and videos

    Hi folks, I have brought this up before, but I wonder: I don't really know anything about file size, file format kind of stuff. I have an android phone (Moto G Power), which is what I take all my pics with. I see some of the most gorgeous pics here (Chris Brown comes to mind) and I appreciate...
  2. felonious69

    Anyone buy a referb/renew PC tower?

    For absolute beginner recording, all I really need is a tower. I was looking at laptops, but figured a tower would be more upgradeable(?) I have a VGA monitor, and the accessories are a dime a dozen. (Mouse, Keyboard...) I was researching and discovered SFF (Small Form Factor, I found out)...
  3. felonious69

    Public Service Announcement!

    In another thread here, I learned something that never would have occurred to me: Bass drum needs to be elevated off the floor. Another thing that never occurred to me: We have pots in front of the house, with the "mulchy" type soil for tomatoes, green peppers, etc. I was at work yesterday when...