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  1. Jbravo

    New SpeedKing

    Is anyone other than me excited about the possibility of seeing a new SpeedKing pedal being released at NAMM? Ever since I heard the possibility mentioned I’ve been anticipating this. I really like my atlas pro double pedal, but lately I’ve just been using a single. If they make an...
  2. Jbravo

    Finally got around to buying an aluminum snare...

    I’d been looking for awhile, and ran across this lightly used 6.5 Acrolite. I haven’t had much time with it, but I’m thinking I’m really gonna like it!
  3. Jbravo

    Ludwig Atlas Double Pedal

    I’ve had this for awhile now, and adjusted to taste. It’s a really nice, smooth pedal. It is somewhat similar in feel to my previous DW 5000 double. The only thing I’m going to change are the beaters. When I tried a Trick Pro1 V, I didn’t get on well with it, but it was a wonderfully well...
  4. Jbravo

    Trick pedal- I guess it’s not for me...

    Awhile back I bought a used Trick Pro1 V Bigfoot single pedal. They are beautifully made, solid as a rock pedals that exude quality. So I was smitten. It was easy to play fast double stokes, and very smooth. Eventually, as the glow subsided I realized that it felt like I really had to stomp my...
  5. Jbravo

    Atlas arch

    In another thread wildbill mentioned he is not happy with the performance of the Ludwig atlas arch tom mount due to the main connection, where the mount attaches to the rod, slipping. Although I’ve never had it happen while playing, it did once when I accidentally leaned against it, causing...
  6. Jbravo

    18 inch hats

    Well I finally gathered my courage and cut down my Sabian 21 inch thin cymbal into an 18” bottom hihat. It worked!! They are deep, with a lot of volume.
  7. Jbravo

    INDe throw off

    I just replaced the throw off on my Black Magic snare with the INDe model. I had put a Ludwig P88ac on the wood snare of my previous kit and loved it. The hole spacing on the P88 wouldn’t work with the new drum, and since I believe the INDe guy designed the latest round of Ludwig hardware, I...
  8. Jbravo

    Ddrum Quicksilver

    So I’ve been considering direct drive pedals. The one that most interests me is the trick dominator, but the &660 seems a little high for an experiment. I was checking the Black Friday reverb specials yesterday and saw a Ddrum Quicksilver double pedal in open box but unused condition for...
  9. Jbravo

    Ludwig atlas Standard hardware

    I just bought a pack of this hardware along with a few extras, to go with my new Classic Maples. I have to say I’m impressed. I knew it looked great, but it’s very solid and reasonably light. The big surprise was the included pedal. I figured it would be an ok backup, but I really like it. So...
  10. Jbravo

    Freight carriers....?

    Finally ordered my dream kit. All the drums left Sweetwater at the same time, except for the one waiting to be built by Ludwig. Good enough. I’ll have them by Wednesday. So I check the tracking( as we waiting-for-Stuff drummers will do) and three are headed in my direction (to SD), but one...
  11. Jbravo

    Pearl Session Studio Select??

    Anyone here have experience with Pearl Session Studio Select drums? I’m shopping for a new kit, hopefully my last, and I thought I had it down to DW or Ludwig, but I ran across these, which check a lot of my boxes: White marine 13,16,18 and 24 sizes Thinner shells The down side is...
  12. Jbravo

    Considering my “retirement” kit

    In the not too distant future I’m intending to buy my next, and hopefully last, kit. The sizes will be 14x24, 16x18, 16x16, and 9x13, all in white marine finish. My first thought was Ludwig classic maples with all new Ludwig hardware. Then I got to thinking I have all DW hardware...
  13. Jbravo

    NCD- Paiste Big Beats

    After a lot of pussyfooting around the issue, I decided to pony up for the cymbals I’ve wanted all along. I bought a Paiste Big Beat pack with an 18”,20”,24” and a set of 15” hats, and a separate 22” as another large crash. I just set them up, and messed...
  14. Jbravo

    Oak flex ?

    I came back to drums a little over a year ago, after 30 some years away. I have yet to actually break a stick shaft, but I seem to lose chunks off the bead pretty quickly. So, I decided to use nylon tip sticks. This is working pretty well, but I really prefer the sound of wood tips...
  15. Jbravo

    New kit day

    Got these from TommyD. Great kit with some awesome upgrades done by Tom
  16. Jbravo

    New Guy

    Hi All! I'm just returning to drums after 30+ years away. I played in marching, concert, and 1st chair jazz drums in middle and high school, but as I got more serious about music I went with bass guitar as my main instrument, and spent around 8 years playing full time in bar bands. (You could...