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    What kind of brushes?

    Hey guys! Just found a video of Paolo Vinaccia playing som tasty stuff and i just wondered what the kind of "brushes" he is using in this video is called. I see that they are not regular blasticks... Any ideas? He starts playng at 0.20 cirka. Thanks...
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    Uptempo broken time! Transcriptions?

    Hey guys! I would really like to get into some quite fast broken time playing. A little bit like f.example Miles Davis ESP ( The song ). I think i can do som good broken time stuff, but getting it up in tempo.. wow! :) So i just wondered... have anyone done any transcriptions of some broken time...
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    Broken time? Where to go / listen to

    Hey guys! When was the broken time concept in jazz drumming "born", and who where the first drummers to really break out of the straight ahead "spang spangalang" ride pattern? Wich albums should i listen to / wich drummer from what year should i listen to? I´m really interested in this! :D...
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    playing soft ( at rehearsal )

    Hey guys! Today i went to a practice session with some guys and i had prepared the 2 songs we were going to play for the rehearsal. The drumming in the songs are really, really hard hitting so naturally enough i practiced them at a really high volume. Here´s one of them...
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    Freedom, brushes

    Hey Guys! I just wondered, well... i´ve been working alot with brushes lately. I´ve been working with Florian Alexandru Zorns book. Great stuff. I´ve learned alot av patterns and so on, but i don´t really feel so free. When i try to accentuate on certain beet the "flow" often stops and so on...
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    Playing limbs EXACTLY in unison... sounds easy?

    Today my teacher showed me some cool excersices... To play for example eight notes in the right and left hand EXACTLY in unison... so, therefore no flams! It sounds kinda easy, but when you really focus and listen getting a stroke where they hit at EXACTLY the same time without "flamming" is not...
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    "4 limb comping"-jazz

    Hey Guys! Check out Antonis Sanches´s drumming here :) I just wondered.. I´ve been playing alot of jazz recently and i really enjoy it! But i´ve gotten to the the point where i really think i´m ready to "lossen up" my ride cymbal pattern (+ the hi hat...
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    Tommy Igoe snare tuning! His snare drum in this video sounds AMAZING! :) Any tips on how i could get the same fat sound? :) thanks! :)
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    Tama Rockstar snare, how much?

    Hey Guys! I want to sell this drum... It still looks nice, and it´s i think about 6 - 9 years old. not really sure... Made in Tawan :) How much do you think i get for it? :)
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    Dw collectors snare , trade?

    I have an amazing sounding Dw Maple Mahogany VLT snare drum Collectors 14 x 6. . It sounds amazing, has a GREAT crack and very nice attack! It also has a very kinda woody beautiful tone! So, it´s just... It works GREAT for funk music, and tight snare work. Alså works great for harder music...
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    Catalina club jazz

    Found a beautiful used Catalina Club - jazz kit today! For ... let´s see... 500 dollars... Here in my country they usually go for... about 700 - 750 cirka! So... what should i consider when buying this kit? :9 I would say that i need it for some higher tuning , jazz kind of styled music :) Is...
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    Mahogany - quality question

    I just wonder... i have just gotten into like... wood types, shell thickness and so on! :) Really interesting... but i just wonder.. How can for example a Pearl Soundcheck ( 9 ply. mahogany shells ) be like a low priced, budget kit , while many great jazz players use Gretsch Catalina club jazz...
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    Victor Wooten - time exercise

    Have you guys seen this video? It looks like an amazing excersise! Does anyone know where i can find a metronome / backing track like this????? I could play with a metronome, but turning off the sound WHILE PLAYING would distract me / my time... makes...
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    Magma - Christian Vander - GREAT drummer

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to mention one of my favorite bands and drummers of all time! Christian Vander, the leader of the french band Magma! They have been around since the 70´s and if you like progressive, experimental , jazz - music with a nose for great conceptual compositions! Here´s a video...
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    Brush Pattern

    I got really amazed by the drummer in this video here... Can some of you guys HEAR what kind of brush pattern he´s using? It sounds... really smooth and fluid! :) Thanks! :D
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    New to Vintage drums

    Hey guys! I am really interested in drum - gear and so forth. I saw this kit and it really got me interesed in vintage drums. :) this " good shit " ? :) haha I...
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    Motif development

    Hey Guys! I´ve the last weeks worked on improvisng / playing solos over form. AABA forms and 12 bar blues forms are those i have worked on... But playing solos... i´ve transcribed som max roach solos and learnt them, just to get like.. an understanding... and FEELING. And i would say it...
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    What would you do? Bought wrong drumset?

    Hey Guys! I would really appreciate if you read this post! Thanks... Well here´s the thing. Earlier this year i bought a VERY NICE Drum Workshop collectors drumkit with 5 fantastic toms and a very fine bass drum to! The drumkit looks and feels totally new. ( It still smells new ) ... and if...
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    Bob - solo phrasing excercises :)

    Hey guys! I just wondered... I just started working on playing jazz...especially be bop.. but i find it really hard to play solos over a form.. my solos just... dont make sense... or become to... idk.. repitative and " empty"... Does anyone of you have som tips for me? Or some excersises that i...
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    Gaard Nilssen - French Grip - Moeller?

    Hey guys! I´ve just got some small question on teqnuiqe! In this video you can see the amazing Gaard Nilssen with his amazing band in action, and he most be one of the most relaxed drummers i´ve ever seen, so... What kind of teqnuiqe is he using with...