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    Avant Garde

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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    One exercise is to play melodies to tunes on the drums. Start by adhering strictly to the melody, playing it on the snare drum. Then try orchestrating the melody around the kit. Next, add embellishments and improvise over it. Monk tunes are great for this, but you can use any tune. There’s a...
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    Before disagreeing with Bob Moses’s point, I’d recommend reading what he actually wrote. He uses qualifying words and is pretty clear about what kinds of situations he’s referring to. Also, for those who are interested, he has a couple of videos available online called “Living Music”, which are...
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    Happy birthday Ra Kalam Bob Moses! Drum Wisdom is one of the best drum books. It’s really awful that it’s out of print. I looked back the book, and pages 6-9 address your question, with specific examples. To me, it seems he’s pretty clear about what he means. In a jazz context, he talks about...
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    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    I used to listen to Radiohead all the time in the late 90s through 2003’s Hail To The Thief. I almost never listen to them anymore, but still really respect their work, especially Jonny Greenwood’s contributions. His score to There Will Be Blood was great as well.
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    Need help with independence

    This seems a bit out there. On the drums, our limbs are (hopefully!) not doing unrelated things. Usually when we're playing music, the rhythms that our limbs play relate to each other and they relate to a pulse.
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    Favorite Drummers

    The first few that come to mind... Jack Dejohnette Elvin Jones Jim Black Jeff Tain Watts Zigaboo Billy Hart Stewart Copeland Matt Chamberlain Bill Stewart Jorge Rossy Questlove
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    Anyone use 2bs or other big sticks for jazz or otherwise quiet music?

    I think I remember checking out a video of Ian Froman where he mentions that he uses a 5B stick.
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    Grams per inch

    I’m not sure if you’re trolling at this point, especially after insisting weight is irrelevant. This method will not work for finding cymbals of similar weight. You can read the cymbal weight guide linked to above in ToddBishop’s post, or my previous posts. To find cymbals of proportional...
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    Grams per inch

    I agree w/using your ears, but that method of finding proportional weight will not work. The point of my previous posts was that dividing weight by diameter will not give you a usefu ratio. To find the same proportional weight, you should find the weight per square inch of one cymbal, then...
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    Grams per inch

    You could make a similar argument about the usefulness of knowing the diameter of a cymbal. However, size and weight are some of the few quantifiable attributes cymbals get labeled with, so I don’t think it’s meaningless to talk about them. Anyways, I agree with you that the important thing is...
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    Grams per inch

    Grams per square inch is a more meaningful ratio comparable across cymbals of different sizes. To get this number, divide a cymbal’s weight in grams by its area in square inches (rather than dividing by the cymbal’s diameter). Area = 3.14 x (1/2 Diameter) squared.
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    Movies/TV shows with bad drumming scenes

    I've been watching the Netflix show, PEN15, and one of the main characters takes an improvised timpani solo that would be great to see during a middle-school band concert - There were a couple of other details that were curious, like that the character's dad was often out of town touring with...
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    Steve Smith: Practice on a splash cymbal for touch

    I thought OP was referring to this Until I watched this interview
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    Good metronome software

    I also highly recommend the Time Guru app. It has a unique and simple interface that is intuitive to use - you can set up all kinds of click patterns (like 4 beats w/click followed by 4 beats rest) in a few seconds.
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    20” kicks anyone?

    The last set I bought were some Sonor Hilites with a 20” bass drum. It sounds amazing and the bass drum sounds great with any tuning, from high to low/extremely loose
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    Things you've not learned to do

    I can’t give an all-encompassing definition of how to study music - there are a bunch of paths. I mean that I’ve heard the ‘learning-how-to-do-things-will-box-me-in” argument being used against things like learning about music theory, taking lessons, and transcribing. I don’t buy that getting...
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    Things you've not learned to do

    Whenever I hear people say something along the lines of not wanting to study music because it’ll box them in, how it’ll limit their creativity, etc, I try to play some of the Shaggs for them - a band of 3 teenage sisters who wrote their own songs and recorded an album 1968 without knowing much...
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    Polynome looks cool. My favorite metronome app is Time Guru. The streamlined interface makes it easy to use as a basic click. If you want to be clever, it’s also quick to set up clicks that reflect odd meter/groupings, changing subdivisions, silent beats/bars, etc...Intuitive to use after a few...
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    The importance of shell sustain real world applications?

    I wanted to address melody in drumming, even though it's not the main topic of the post. I think there's some misunderstanding of terms here. I don't believe anyone is suggesting that the drums are the most effective instrument on which to play the melody of a popular song. That absolutely...