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    DW 5000 One Piece Foot Board Pedal

    Does anyone own a DW 5000 one piece foot board pedal? If so, could you offer some impressions / evaluations of that product? I formerly used Rogers SwivoMatic one piece foot board pedals then Asba Caroline one piece foot board pedals. Unfortunately service parts for these excellent pedals are...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all the members of this discussion group. May the upcoming year bring you health, wealth, happiness and ever-better chops. Tim The ANCIENT jazz drummer and mallet percussionist Composite Shell Designer (non-commercial)
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    Pedal needed for drummer with BIG feet

    Folks: I am a big fella (6'5" @250 lbs) with BIG feet (size 15EEEE). I am looking for kick drum pedals with a LONG foot board without the hinged heel plate. I like heel-toe technique -- I am a fusion jazz player who is tired of being forced to play barefoot by kick drum pedals with dinky...