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    Need your opinions/advice about my rack tom

    The non matching lugs will only got noticed by elitist drummers who can never be pleased anyway What does bother me though is that this is definitely not a Ludwig kind of shell size (at least not in that era). Looks like maybe a 13x7? Maybe even a 14? Ludwigs don't typically have such shallow...
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    new crash sound vs used crash sound

    Well, Dream likes to take a torch to them and relabel them Dark Energy. So there's that.
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    Tama Dyna-Sync reviews?

    I haven't found good reviews, but I tried one for myself... oh lord, so smooth and precise. Like a direct connection between my brain and the beater, without the lack of power that often comes with direct drive. But I only tried the single
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    But the Yamaha has oak... I like oak drums
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    Snare Strainer/Throw Comparison

    So, if you scroll lower you will see my thread on the subject. I LOOOOOVE the sound and feel of the Tama SLP Dry Aluminum, but that throw-off... is the reason I didn't keep it. I went through 3 of them, 1 floor demo and 2 new out of the box, and had throw-off issues. One was just crooked, and...
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    Slingerland Heads

    Well, he said it's a student model snare, not that it will be used by a student :) The Acrolite was also a student model. There was a Genera Dry on my steel shell Sensitone when I bought it. It's great if you want the tone of having a gel without actually putting a gel, but it's sounding a bit...
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    Realistically, what makes my "Vision" Pearl Sensitone a lesser snare than the Elite version?

    Ah yes, product segmentation. Offer a product at all price ranges so that whatever people are willing to pay is what they'll pay (if you only have cheap products, you're missing out on potential revenue, if you only have expensive products people will a lower budget will go elsewhere). See...
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    Low class unknown drummers

    It's one thing to not know of a drummer (have no clue who this is myself), it's another to go out of your way to announce publicly that you don't think that this person that you've never heard of doesn't deserve a signature drum. DW can make a signature drum for the CEO's nephew if they want...
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    Looks like I never scrolled past the 4 pieces! You are absolutely right, 5 pieces has a virgin 22x16. I'm all about that 22x14 3 piece anyway, but nice to know the option exists
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    The Tama is only virgin if you get the 3 piece. Also, that kick is 22x14 (vs 22x16 non virgin on the 4 piece) Me I love virgin shallow kicks so it's win win all around.
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    Yamaha seems to be playing the Apple game of "let's price it higher so people will think it's better", and it seems to be working. Now, I'm sure the Yamaha is a really good kit, and I do like the sound of Oak, but their prices are getting out of control and you'll lose a lot on resale. The...
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    Realistically, what makes my "Vision" Pearl Sensitone a lesser snare than the Elite version?

    Picked up a Pearl Steel Sensitone because it was uber cheap, came with proper heads in great shape on both sides and Puresound wires. To be honest, I was mostly buying it for the hardware to put on a stave snare I'm building (then I realized metal snares don't use the same mounting screws, but...
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    What's a good SLP snare to play 60s rock

    This situation actually made me curious about this so I checked out a few snares in the store. I noticed that most of their Mapex snares had a throw-off that makes the tension knob a lot harder to turn once the snares are engaged (easy to turn when disengaged, hard to turn when engaged) which...
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    What's a good SLP snare to play 60s rock

    The 3 I went through were new out of the box. Shouldn't have to modify a brand new Tama snare for it to do its job. But if you get a good deal, you can do something like that (it's a plastic tension shaft though, so a locking nut might damage it), or just swap the throw-off altogether. Assuming...
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    What's a good SLP snare to play 60s rock

    I've never had a single issue with Tama before either. But if you do buy a Tama snare with the MCS70 throw-off, you can do a simple test (which is how I figured out it wasn't just in my head): put a bit of colored tape on the tension adjustment knob, say parallel to the shell, then play it. In...
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    Yamaha stage custom or Tama superstar classic

    To each his own I guess. Had one for a week, a new birch one. Tried 3 different heads, experimented with all sorts if tuning. Did it sound bad? No, but it was just uninspiring. There was something unrefined about the tone, some kind of uneven frequency response. To be fair though, one big...
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    Yamaha stage custom or Tama superstar classic

    Good way of figuring it out, excellent reviewers. Me I'd go Tama, but either is fine. Just don't expect much from the included snare if you go Yamaha.
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    Flat Base Hardware Opinions

    Ludwig's flat base stands have a nice little trick where you can rotate the rubber ends to have some base go over the others. Easier to keep stands close.
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    Tama SLP Dry Aluminum vs Acrolite?

    The odd thing is I had a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive for a while and I'm 90% sure the snare had a MCS70 and I don't remember having issues with it. So this is odd since I went through 3 of those SLPs and not one had a "good" throw-off. Bad batch perhaps... I've searched the internet and haven't...
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    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    Same here with my Ludwig Accent CS Custom which I picked up to temporarily fill a hole in my music room. I occasionally start shopping again, then go back to playing my cheapos. Recently cut down the kick cause I prefer the look of a 22x14 and it sounds even better now. Gigged with it, recorded...