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    Realistically, what makes my "Vision" Pearl Sensitone a lesser snare than the Elite version?

    Picked up a Pearl Steel Sensitone because it was uber cheap, came with proper heads in great shape on both sides and Puresound wires. To be honest, I was mostly buying it for the hardware to put on a stave snare I'm building (then I realized metal snares don't use the same mounting screws, but...
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    Tama SLP G-Walnut maybe?

    How does one delete a thread?
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    Pork Pie Siam Oak kit?

    Long & McQuade near here just received this thing. Not a big fan of the lug design, but I do love the finish and sizes: 12x8, 16x16 and 22x14. Such a kick drum is hard to find in that price range (works out to about 1099$USD). I'm drawn to it... but undecided. I did get to play on it a bit...
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    Buying old COB snare drums, what to look for?

    I'm shopping for an older COB snare drum, I've seen some cheaper options pop up online recently (Rogers, Slingerland, etc) and I'm tempted to make the plunge (ain't go no $$$ for a Black Beauty or used Supra COB). But then I was watching a video review of an old Rogers Sound King and the...
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    Snare wires for my Tama SLP Fat Spruce?

    OEM wires got damaged, tried a Puresound 30-strand set... was a bad idea. Either they resonate for 2 minutes when loose, or they sustain loudly then cut super abruptly when tightened (almost like having a gated reverb) While swapping the snare side head, I noticed that the snare beds are so...
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    Tama SLP Dry Aluminum vs Acrolite?

    I know used Acrolites are always great value... but that SLP is pretty great value for a new snare. See, Long & McQuade often has the SLP on discount, which only makes it slightly more expensive than a clean used Acrolite... except it comes with a MUCH better throw-off (I have an SLP Fat...