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    Ketu Condomble rhythms aplied to backbeat drum culture

    I brought in a thead on Ketu codes in jazz rhythm innovation history , the hookups were unmistakable. now i want to show you how Ketu Candomble beats ( the rhythms from the Afro Brazilian religion Ketu condomble and use sticks so its easy to see how it relates to drum kit) show origins in these...
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    big fun and my bandstand education ,dr lonnie smith , richie hart dr lonnie smith and richie hart just burning a hole in the wall lonnie is in a cast and he is out of this world playing this way with these guys sets a high bar for me to always shoot for in my ventures as a leader and record producer of my works
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    i talk a lot of jazz and brazilian, but here is my comercial side ive been saying a lot of things about jazz, its history , the relationship to ketu candomble, my brazilian music, my new york gig tapes etc but i have a comercial side also , and, truth be told, dont worry about the drums on this, the music is...
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    innovating my own drum grooves (mangue beat coco) max roach said if you play the splang a lang jazz beat ride with high hat on two and four, you are 3/4s papa jo jones. he innovated it and it became the standard. i started to realise that huge amounts of what we play on gigs came...
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    the secrets to swing groove in the history of jazz are here :

    in this youtube im showing how ketu candomble rhythms from afro brazilian culture , are like a blueprint / road map of how rhythms and phrasing evolved in jazz history , from joplin to jelly roll to armstrong to ellington to bird to miles to trane etc...