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    Difference between these heads

    Hey guys!! So quick question. Which heads would you be more inclined to get Evans EC2 or the hydraulics? I want to play rock to heavy metal type of songs so I don’t know which would be best. I am still pretty new to drumming so the only difference to me is that hydraulic heads have low sustain...
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    Is this necessary?

    Hi everyone, as I’ve said in previous post I am new to drumming. So, i don’t know all the correct terminology but my question is, on the bass drum regardless if you play single or double bass do you need to add that stickers type of thing that the beater hits? Thanks!
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    What y’all think about this set?

    For a new drummer. How do you feel about Sabians B8X cymbal pack? includes: 14" B8X hi-hats, 16" B8X thin crash, 20" B8X ride, 18" thin crash I think it’s about $300 Thanks everyone!
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    Which double pedal would be best?

    Hi guys, I am new to drumming but really interested in playing rock with lots of double pedal. I don’t know which pedal to choose. Either the Iron cobra 200 series vs pearl p-932 double pedal? Also, i was going to purchase the meinl HCS cymbal pack but a lot of ppl say meinl sucks, what do you...
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    Need Advice on cymbals

    Hi everyone, I am new to drumming and don't exactly know what different kinds of cymbals I should have. I am interested in playing anything from alternative to heavy metal like slayer, LoG, etc. So, my question is how many different cymbals would be deemed appropriate for this style of music...