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  1. Armor of Light

    What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?

    While still being the drummer.. I'm thinking Phil Collins obviously. Phil Ehart? Don Henley?
  2. Armor of Light

    I need help..not with drumming, but 'being in a band'.

    I dabbled in drums years ago while (apparently) every person my age was a semi pro or a recording genius. Been playing pretty steadily for the last 5 years. I've been in "2" bands but auditioned for or joined/fell apart with a few, too. I'm baffled by the "band" thing so far. I play well...solid...
  3. Armor of Light

    I'd like to see really nice bass drum mounting hole covers.

    I know Pearl probably sells a lot of their little decorative plates that make your bass drum a little less ugly if you take off the tom mount. I have not really looked for other companies that offer them for other makers. I made my own out of thick felt office drawer liner..looks OK:
  4. Armor of Light

    My First Band has ended. Kind of. Need advice..

    Long story short: Started as a 5 piece with 2 singer/guitarists 2 years ago. Me & Bass are 30+ year friends, but first band together. Bass & all other members are friends and have played in various formations for years. So I know 1 guy. The singers faded away, so we carry on as a 3-piece. I...
  5. Armor of Light

    Lemme see your "Drummer's Face"!

    You know the one: Snarling, mouth open, eyes rolled back, etc.. I currently don't have one to share, but I will have my daughter take a few while I'm practicing this weekend.
  6. Armor of Light

    Georgia Phil drum heads?

    Anyone try them? I wanted some ebony resonant heads for a project, and these popped up on Amazon. I'm thinking they are plenty good enough for the resonant, but I may just try them on the batter side, too. A 3-pack (12, 13, 16) is only 30.00..!
  7. Armor of Light

    Just had my very first gig..!

    Just a very casual party setting on a lake. A few people / groups got up and did a short set. Out of our 5-piece group, the 2 singers couldn't make it, so the power trio decided to put together some songs that the bass player could sing. Hashed it out for 2 rehearsals, and sounded pretty good...
  8. Armor of Light

    Possible to use Pearl Opti-Mount with other tom brackets?

    I'd like to give them a try, but don't want to convert everything over to the tube style rods. All I'd need is to replace the Pearl tom brackets on the Opti-Mounts with something that accepts an L-Rod. The problem I see is that the Pearl tom mounts are a 3 hole design, and the L rod tom mounts I...
  9. Armor of Light

    Why the h*** do they put those barcode stickers on cymbals??

    They don't peel off! Very frustrating to people who like things neat.
  10. Armor of Light

    Is there a way to search craigslist for the entire country?

    Trying to find some matching pieces to round out my kit..
  11. Armor of Light

    Best way to dust the drum kit..?

    I have black, lacquer finish shells, which show dust a lot. What is the best product or technique for dusting those things? Do you keep the shells dusted, or do you not bother? Thanks
  12. Armor of Light

    First ever audition..wish me luck..!?!

    I'm 50. I'm hoping it's not too late to start! Any advice? From the ad, it looks like these guys are on the same wavelength with music, attitude, and commitment level. Hope they are not expecting anything too fancy! I've never been fancy, and I'm still rusty from my last layoff.
  13. Armor of Light

    Design for your "Signature stick"..Cuz you are famous!!

    There are so many out already. What's a few more? Describe what yours would be. Mine: 17" long Ø.585~Ø.600 Maple or Hickory I guess Kind of like a 5B tip with a slight barrel shape added Gradual, long taper For all I know, it already exist and I just have not found it yet!
  14. Armor of Light

    Drumming footwear

    What do you wear on your feet? I wear socks, usually.. Never tried barefoot, but yuck! I never go barefoot. I've noticed some folks wearing wrestling type shoes, or what appear to be dancing shoes. Do you wear anything specific, and if so...why? Is it best to always play with the same...
  15. Armor of Light

    I will NEVER buy / own _______, and here's why.

    For me: Red drums. Wraps, lacquer, fades, solids, stripes, sparkles...don't care. I just don't like red drums! How 'bout you?
  16. Armor of Light

    Setting up / Playing opposite...advantages?

    Is it helpful for developing non-dominant hand and foot to st up and play as a southpaw (if you are a righty, that is..) Does it do more damage than its worth?
  17. Armor of Light

    Matt Sorum

    I searched for a Matt Sorum topic, but came up empty..! Just watched him kick the hell out of the Buddy Rich Big Band. Awesome drumming. I've only heard him as part of Neurotic Outsiders and the Buddy Rich thing. Oh, and the Cult I think, too. Was his drumming with G&R anything less that great?
  18. Armor of Light

    S****y albums done by great bands..

    Even great bands have some stinkers..they can't all be winners! Some that come to mind: X factor - Iron Maiden Ain't Misbehavin' - U.F.O. Never Say Die - Sabbath ..any more?
  19. Armor of Light

    Ever been called a hipster?

    I'm 47, and this engineering intern asks me what I'm listening to. So..I tell him. It was Bob Mould I think. Now, I've talked to enough kids (sorry..young adults) to know that most of them have never heard of Rush or Deep Purple, let alone Bob Mould. So he laughs and calls me a hipster. I had...
  20. Armor of Light

    Do you tune your bass drum to a specific note?

    or just a nice, low, heart pounding thump? I like the thump meself..