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    long term storage issue with pads in cases?

    sometimes you'll see an old case, with foam pads that over time stick to/adhere to, actually bond to :) the drum or rims in the case. Anyone ever experienced that? Should these cases be avoided for LONG term storage? thanks
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    Can you tune my Jazz Fest like this?

    anybody good at tuning? tried for ages to get my 2021 Luddy jazz fest 5.5x14 to sound like this - can't do it - tried 266Hz top, 399Hz bottom, then 268 top, 388 bottom - doesn't cut it and the snare wires buzz like crazy no matter what I do, centered and everything. SO, re: above link...
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    Sabian Omni to clean?

    most will know the Sabian Omni ride is a hybrid of 2 lathings I usually use a light dusting of BarKeepers friend powder with a wet soft sponge to clean my other cymbals, but for this one, what would y'all recommend? Same as for my others, or will barkeepers friend ruin or scratch the darker...
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    what's this snare?

    OK so what is this snare? Love the sound - got body, and slight overtone decay - wood or metal? But no idea - you?
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    Is it a physics thing?

    my 14" snares between 3.5 and 6.5" depth seem to all have this choked bright snap from the wires when I hit the head dead center...thing is they all usually sound great, both metal and wood snares, when I hit say a half inch or more outside of dead center...there's body, sometimes throaty, or...
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    Canopus bolt tight leather washers?

    was just about to use these on a few snares, then I thought what about toms/bass? Got a complete DW Performance/collector's (mixed) 6-piece maple kit and I noticed all tension rods on it have those DW plastic washers... so would it be totally unnecessary to remove all these DW plastic washers...
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    Your great sounding tunings for N&C 14x5 solid walnut snare?

    Love the idea of my 2020 Noble & Cooley 14x5 solid walnut snare, looks great but I can't get a tuning out of it that suits/appeals to me well. Y'all have any tunebot settings or top/reso head pitches you like? I've tried 292/388Hz, and 299/398Hz, doesn't float my boat, and I KNOW this snare is...
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    seamless 7x14 copper snare recommendations?

    Wanting to buy a great sounding seamless copper snare (sadly Q Drums not making their gentlemen's series anymore so that's out) - must be seamless, 7x14 and 8-lug preferably. Considering Orillio, joyful noise and wondering if the new revamped Sakae company will make such and in Japan no less...
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    remove hairline scratches from Ludwig BB's NOB?

    2021 Ludwig BB - nice but there's some hairline scratches right next to the badge as you can see, not sure if I did those or factory, but is there a way to polish away (so to speak) those annoying scratches? or is the nickel gone from that area and simply can't be cleaned up? Scratches are...
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    what snare is this?

    i know it's way over modulated on levels but what is the snare here? What snare size and shell is this? can’t figure out what size or make/model - at 1:26 is only snare glimpse What is this, but if don’t know, what snare would get you this exact snare sound? danke!
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    Gretsch 14x6.5 Custom Bell Brass vs my Luddy BB and Canopus Bronze?

    So, never owned a gretsch...wondered if the gretsch 14x6.5 USA custom bell brass snare is significantly different enough in sound/tone to buy, if I already have a great 14x8 Ludwig Black beauty and 5.5x14 hammered Canopus Bronze? Also, I read where the gretsch brass isn't lacquered - bad brass...
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    DW metal snares made in Asia?

    just bought a DW 14x4 3mm copper snare, maybe get it by FEB...wondered if anyone knows for sure, if all DW metal snares are made in Taiwan or China? or where? Not USA?
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    importing a snare from Europe...whats the customs tax etc?

    thinking about getting a snare unique to Europe - I can buy it of course, but to have them ship it, so what are the US custom taxes on say a $1000 snare? I can't find official US docs on this kind of thing. Anybody with experience would be greatly appreciated, was it easy, how much and how long...
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    trick single vs 3-stage throw off?

    want to replace a single stage trick throw off with their 3-stage... anyone know if they're exact and will fit perfectly in the holes drilled for the single? Are they interchangeable with each other with out any diff at all? thanks!
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    Red Rock drums, Aussie?

    anybody have experience with Red Rock Drums from Australia? Just ordered 2 snares unseen, a 12x7 wandoo and a 14x4.5 jarrah, both staves/blocks. Just wondered if anyone has dealt with these guys? Seem good. Brady-esq sounding or better? Curious y'alls thoughts.
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    storing snares, detune all heads/moisture pack?

    got about a dozen snares - if I won't be playing them for a few weeks or so, I tend to loosen totally all heads, keep em in snare bags and put away...just wondered if I even need to detune/loosen at all, or just keep heads on there at tension they were? Does loosening for a while, then...
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    recommendations for cleaning badge/screws?

    yamaha 5.5x14 birch John Robinson snare - few years old - what if anything would you use to clean off this badge, and bring back to shine life these screws on the plate? anyway to repair or cover these chips on plate? or is there a company or person who restores, makes as good as new these...
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    BB 8x14 or Q Drum Copper 7x14?

    Got a great 5.5x14 Canopus hammered Bronze snare - wondered which snare below would be more of a contrast to the Canopus before I spend the $: Q Drum 7x14 seamless Copper or the one and only Luddy 8x14 Black Beauty seamless brass? I do want those sizes, not any shallower. thanks
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    "kicker" worth it?

    I have a DW 22x18 kick with 2-piece DW Bass drum muffing pillow in it - would there be a noticeable difference using this thing below? Anyone use/like/dislike this kicker foam?
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    8 or 10-lug for indie pop/rock, fusion?

    trying to decide between 2 solid maple can help me - one is 10 lug 6.5x14, the other 7x14 8-lug...never heard or played a craviotto in person, and not sure if the lug difference is major? Rock/fusion/pop - which might be best do you think?