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  1. Icetech

    Funky Friday Groove

    Ahh thanks, i have the yammy pre-yess system which find fine, but i do have the drums pushed up against the mount all the way up the rod ( i like to keep things compact as i can) i might try moving them out a bit. I'm find with my sustain, i just can't get them to be that boomy/bassy like my...
  2. Icetech

    Funky Friday Groove

    very nice.. but better than the groove is the tuning on those toms.... really loving those things :) What heads btw? mine won't sing like that..
  3. Icetech

    show off your snare

    My '67 Dyna... it sat in a closet for over 40 years and is pretty much like new :) sadly it sits unplayed now... i wish they were worth more.. not worth selling at this point :( P.S. it's not smoke chrome or anything, it's just how the pic came out and i kinda like it :)
  4. Icetech

    The Last Kit

    Those are gorgeous! BUT... those sonors... just OMFG... those are porn... :) P.S. i have been trying to sell some stuff lately and honestly it's getting to the point where i just want to trash stuff or throw it in a corner and forget about it... "yeah, you have it listed for 800... would you...
  5. Icetech

    Preferred retailer?

    Amazon (hate to say it) but... the amazon AMEX gives 5% back, i use it to buy stuff for my business and make 300-600 a month in toy money..pretty much anything i bought for drums in the last 2 years that was new i got that way.. Next month.. Concept2 rowing machine :)
  6. Icetech

    Yamaha 100th anniversaty.. worth pursuing?

    Well yeah..... 3 toms up... 3 cowbells up.... just common sense really. plus that makes me 2 cowbells better than weckl :)
  7. Icetech

    Hoglan interview..

    This got posted today.. it's a pretty good listen if anyone is interested.
  8. Icetech

    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    Not disappointed.. i'm happy for you... i buy stuff just cause i want it and it ends up on a corner... every time i see it "there is money wasted" now take that money and go buy something nice to drink and a good dinner:) have a great night.
  9. Icetech

    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    Yes.. when i go for medical advice i grab those old Egyptian papyrus and look up some remedies :)
  10. Icetech

    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    wow... I want that kit though.. drool..... i used to like my yammys... but i think 1 month is enough... :)
  11. Icetech

    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    sounds like that is more of what i was looking for
  12. Icetech

    Istanbul Cymbals

    i Love Istanbul... been using their Sultan Mehmets for bout 5 years now
  13. Icetech

    Yamaha 100th anniversaty.. worth pursuing?

    have been thinking bout it... never had one that high before.. will try this weekend.. plus that would open up room for a bank of cowbells
  14. Icetech

    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    If you need to throw money away, i'm always here for you :)
  15. Icetech

    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    I hope that pillow is better than the evans one... just got one and its garbage.
  16. Icetech

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    100th anv. yammys, Greb beech snare (love it.. but want the brass) This is where i live when i'm not at work pretty much :)
  17. Icetech

    The most difficult musical challenge I've ever had was last night!

    I'm glad you took the challenge and beat it though :) I would have said no and regretted it
  18. Icetech

    CBD Oil for Joint Pain

    I wish cbd worked for me :( i have a friend who was crazy anti-weed and tried some for joint pain and loves it now.. P.
  19. Icetech

    Whats Your Latest Practice ?

    last few nights i'm working through some Michael Schack lessons.. i have done them 100's of times but now that i am re-learning how to use my arm i am pretty much having to go back through everything and re-learn it. At least it's much faster than the first time :)
  20. Icetech

    My Last Drum Set?

    My Yammy 100th anv. RC's should be my last kit.... unless a set of SQ2's magically falls in my lap :) then.. buh bye yamaha :)