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  1. Joshua Johnson

    Sometimes I play traditional grip and sometimes I play match grip.

    My two favourite drummers with different grips: Pierre Van Der Linden or Collin Allen (Focus) and Akira Jimbo (Casiopea).
  2. Joshua Johnson

    About me.

    Well I know I'm passionate about drums.........but I also play guitar and bass. If this is about drums and telling you all about me, here we go. I started learning drums since I was 9 years old. And previously you know that my name is Joshua Johnson ever since join DRUMMERWORLD recently this...
  3. Joshua Johnson

    Sonny Emory

    I went to his drum clinic when he first came to Malaysia. I did told him during the drum clinic, I told him that I caught him on tour with Earth, Wind and Fire, then he laugh and said "oh like this" and I, he (Sonny himself) and audience laughing. This is embarrassing.
  4. Joshua Johnson

    Lars Ulrich is in da house. Metallica rules!

    Master Of Puppets (1986) is one of the best Metallica albums of all time. My favourite year (1986) for Heavy Metal.
  5. Joshua Johnson

    I pass my grade 8 exam. Finally score 86% marks.

    I thought I was gonna fail my grade 8 drum exam but no.......I manage to pass by scoring 86% marks. Now can anyone tell should I start drum my exam all over again or no? Cause I pass grade 8 drum exam. So happy to get good marks.
  6. Joshua Johnson

    Can wait to have my blue Pearl Export '99!?

    Previously my friend (who currently living in Australia) ordered me an old model late 1990s Pearl Export in blue. I show you what it looks like. I can't tell if is a pro model or what?
  7. Joshua Johnson


    Hi my name is Joshua Danial Johnson. Nice to meet you.
  8. Joshua Johnson

    My music.

    I play some music which I like and music which I don't like (which is Latin, bluegrass, honky tonk, pop rock (sometime not often) country music (not some) and Pop Yeh Yeh and instrumental surf). My main music genre is Rock/Metal (Heavy Metal and Hard Rock). And I have my own band called Zimi'J...
  9. Joshua Johnson

    I'm the new kid in town. Nice to meet you all.

    Hi guys, my name is Joshua Danial Johnson and please to meet you.