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  1. GCRoberts

    Question on DW cymbal felts

    I'm a first year drummer on my first drum kit (DW Performance), so I'll be asking dumb questions for a few more years! :cool: I understand that you shouldn't over tighten the cymbal wing nuts. The DW felts seem to be so sturdy that there's a fine line between loose and snug. Just seems like...
  2. GCRoberts

    Drum tuning - limited success with method I'm using

    I've heard from numerous sources that you should strive to tune your drums so you don't need to use any mutes or dampeners to minimize snare buzz. I've been attempting to reach this goal with limited success so far. For reference, I have a DW Performance Kit with a 14"x6.5" snare, 22" bass...
  3. GCRoberts

    Guitar Center bankruptcy

    Just got an email from Guitar Center stating that they are filing for bankruptcy. Haven't they filed chapter 11 a few times in the past?
  4. GCRoberts

    The only good thing about COVID-19 for this new drummer

    In January, on a whim, I decided I wanted to learn to play the drums. My kids are grown, but we still had their entry level Pearl kit just sitting in the loft from when they took lessons a few years back. So at 57 yrs of age, I contacted their former drum teacher and inquired about lessons...
  5. GCRoberts

    Question relating throne backrest to bass drum technique

    This is going to be a goofy question, but I'm definitely looking for opinions here. I've only been playing for 9 months and haven't really decided whether I want to be a "heel up" or "heel down" player, or both. I seem to have a little more control in "heel down", but I have more power and...
  6. GCRoberts

    Newbie question on cowbell mounts

    I was looking at a LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell. The mount is welded on in a slight angle. Probably two thirds of LP's cowbells have the same angle, but the rest rest have a perfectly squared bracket on them. What is the reason for this angle?
  7. GCRoberts

    Triggering for a practice pad?

    I'm a 58 yr old beginning drummer that's currently working my way through the more basic drum rudiments (single stroke roll, double stroke roll, five stroke roll, paradiddle, flam, flam tap). My drum kit is a DW Performance Series, but I don't use very much for rudiments for obvious annoying...
  8. GCRoberts

    Drum teacher tells me to ignore metronome for now

    I'm an older (57yrs) beginning drum student and I've been taking lessons for 6 months. My drum teacher is a little older than me and is a great drummer and teacher. He really enjoys teaching me as I put in the time and try to perfect my skills when I practice. The only thing I question is...
  9. GCRoberts

    Drummer software

    I'm a first year drummer and I've been looking for drum software where I can enter in drum notation and play it back repeatedly. I'd like to do this for my ear training, and also to play along with software. I've had decent success using musescore, but I've hit a wall with their drum kit...
  10. GCRoberts

    DW Drums Kitbuilder - forever under construction?

    I just started looking for drums in January. But ever since I've been looking, I've noticed that the DW Drums kitbuilder URL has stated that it's under construction. Anyone know how long that's been the case?
  11. GCRoberts

    3up 3down questions

    My "planned" DW performance home setup is 7"x8", 8"x10", 9"x12" rack toms, 12"x14", 14"x16", 16"x18" floor toms, 6.5"x14" snare, 18"x22" bass. I've downloaded the music to "In The Air Tonight", and the drum key shows 6 toms used for the arrangement. Yes, I know you can play it on fewer toms...
  12. GCRoberts

    DW Drums manufacturing during this pandemic

    Just in case anyone else is waiting to buy new DW Drums like myself, here is a question I posted to DW Drums a few days ago. Email to DW Drums: I've been looking to buy DW Performance Series Shells (cherry lacquer) from Sweetwater, but they are out of stock. With non-essential businesses...
  13. GCRoberts

    ZBT -> K series Custom Dark. What an upgrade!!!

    Just upgraded my Zildjian ZBT cymbals with Zildjian K Custom Dark. It's like going from getting a lap dance from the ugliest girl at a bargain basement strip club to banging the prom queen! Technically, I've never done either of those things, but you get the point. I used to dread hitting the...
  14. GCRoberts

    Pros/Cons for using "Extended Footboard" for average sized feet

    I'm going to purchase a DW Hi Hat Stand and a DW Double Bass Pedal (both 9000 Series). Unfortunately, I can't go to Guitar Center to try pedals right now for obvious reasons. I have heard a few reviews stating the the DW Hi Hat Stand has a steep slope to it, which I would think would be a...
  15. GCRoberts

    Tuning question - before I mess up

    I have a 8 yr old Pearl SoundDesign kit (22"x16" kick, 14"x 5.5" snare, 10"x9", 12"x10", 16"x16" toms). The resonant heads have never been replaced on any of the drums. I did recently replace the batter head on the kick and snare with Remo heads. I'm planning on replacing the batter heads on...
  16. GCRoberts

    Newbie with a non-newbie question

    I just started taking lessons 6 weeks ago and I’m a few lessons away from hitting my first tom. However, the engineer in me has be looking at things that I have no business investigating yet! When I look at the drum notation (see link below), I see that five Toms can be written using standard...
  17. GCRoberts

    Are DW Performance drum packs still considered overpriced in today's market?

    I've been looking for a high quality kit without going to crazy. And when I say not going too crazy, that means I'm not interested in spending $6 to $8 thousand for DW Collectors. I've been comparing mid-range kits from different manufacturers. For pricing, I've just been using sweetwater. I...