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  1. bodhran

    Assembling an Excellent Student Snare Drum Kit

    I have been asked what would make an excellent snare drum outfit for a beginner student (school band.) I know all the big drum companies have kits with stands and bags. But what would make a great setup as the quality of parts and pieces might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Here are...
  2. bodhran

    Looking for a Snare Set Recommendation

    Hello, I recently bought a Slingerland Haskell W. Harr 10x14 parade snare drum. It's dated 1962. By the catalog I believe it to be the model 536F in Mahogany. I'd like to continue to use the Zoomatic strainer, as it is in great shape. However, I'd like to get away from the individual snare...
  3. bodhran

    Recommendations for Zoomatic Replacement

    Hi Folks, I have a 1962 Slingerland marching snare drum that I would like to update the original strainer on. Does anyone have a suggestion for a relatively easy replacement? It would be nice to change out the butt plate too... Thanks!
  4. bodhran

    Swivel Nuts to fit Ludwig LR-751 Snare Drum Lugs

    Hi folks, I am looking for at least one swivel nut to fit a lug on a LR-751 6.5x14" Ludwig Rocker snare drum. I measure 7/8" in length and 9/32" outside diameter. Please see attached photo. Thanks!
  5. bodhran

    Power Unit Needed for TD-3

    Any advice on where to buy a PSB-1U power adaptor, or an equivalent unit to power the TD-3 sound module? Thanks!
  6. bodhran

    Mike Fasano Autographed Pork Pie Snare Drum

    I did not witness Mr. Fasano personally sign this drum. It is signed on the batter head and on the drum shell (see pics). I have never acquired a drum like this. I am not a Warrant fan, so I don't know this drummer. My question is does this drum, which is a very nice drum, have more re-sale...
  7. bodhran

    Gretsch 4105 Throw-off Issue

    I have a mid-sixties Gretsch 4105 snare drum. One of the rivets in the throw-off linkage has broken/worn out. Is there a way to repair or replace these throw-offs? I attached a couple pictures for your info. As always, any information is appreciated!
  8. bodhran

    Need Help With Premier Identification

    I am not that familiar with Premier metal snare drums. I'm hoping you "Premier" members can help me ID the model and perhaps the year on this one. ? I can post additional photos if needed. Measurements are 5.5 x 14" 8 lugs Thank you!
  9. bodhran

    Handle Needed for a Contura Case

    I have a 70s era Contura case for my Acrolite. I would like to replace the carry handle with a more trustworthy one. Any ideas on sources for suitable handles is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. bodhran

    Dented Rogers Shell

    I have a Rogers Dynasonic that has been damaged. There are three dents in the shell. The worst is at the throw off attachment, the other two are at lug locations. (Please see pictures.) Is it possible to repair this damage or has it been rendered junk?
  11. bodhran

    Removing Black Spots!

    I have a 90s Rocker Chrome over wood snare drum. I think it's an LR751. I've got several black spots of varying sizes on the wrap (see pic). Any suggestions on how to get those out? I've already tried Brasso to no avail. Is there a plastic coating over the chrome? Any advice is appreciated...
  12. bodhran

    Head Recommendations for 1958 WFL "Duco" Snare

    Looking for recommendations for batter and snare heads for a 5.5x14" '58 "Duco" snare drum. Thanks!
  13. bodhran

    Bolts & Washers for Supraphonic

    I have a late 70s Supraphonic. It's missing three of the lug attachment bolts and washers (see pic). Is it possible to purchase those without buying the complete replacement Imperial lugs? If so, where? Thanks!
  14. bodhran

    Ludwig Wood Snare Drum ID Help Needed

    Any idea on model and vintage of this drum? The batter head was on it when I bought it, but I replaced snare side head with a clear Aquarian. Snare set is original too. Large keystone badge proclaims Monroe, NC. Serial #19377 The finish is very smooth, almost satiny feeling... Thanks!
  15. bodhran

    Ludwig Supraphonic Chrome Damage

    I saw that the snare side head was torn on the bearing edge. When I took off the head a chunk of chrome came off too, about 3/4" long. Please see the attached picture... What is recommended the fix for this type of damage? Thanks.
  16. bodhran

    Heads for a '69 Supraphonic

    Looking for suggestions from the community on batter and snare side heads for a 1969 (early blue/olive) Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14".. Owner wishes to use medium tuning for classic rock. Your thoughts are appreciated!
  17. bodhran

    Ludwig Student Model ID Help Needed

    Please let me know if you know this model/year. It's a chrome over steel black/white badge. Serial #A300332 It came with a Ludwig branded backpack black w/red stitching. Very clean overall. Needs a new batter head and top knob for strainer, if anyone knows where I can find one. Snare set is...
  18. bodhran

    Snare Set Advice Needed for Vintage Acrolite

    I have a '67 Acrolite that I need to replace the snares on. I have a Remo Coated Ambassador on the batter side and a Remo Hazy on the bottom. Not sure what the snare strand count was originally, but would like to get something similar. I can't go by the set on there now as it's a mangled 16...
  19. bodhran

    Heads for 80s Acrolite

    I've got an '84-'85 Ludwig Acrolite: the type with the gray hammered paint finish. The batter head is a Ludwig Rockers - Heavy Coated. The snare head is a Resonant Snare extra thin clear. I hear they no longer make that particular line of heads? The drum sounds killer but I need to replace the...
  20. bodhran

    Need Drum Key for Slotted Premier Tension Rods

    I have a 70s era Premier Olympic chrome/steel snare drum. It is fitted with the slotted type tension rods. I could swap mine out for the ubiquitous square headed rods, but I'd like to keep it original. Looking for any advice on where to find one or a suitable workaround?