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  1. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    She's Back!!!

    man, this growing on me as time goes.... all of the right allusions to early 90's synth/pop/jazz stuff I think so solid
  2. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Camping: grab your sticks and pad and head to the woods!!

    the "legal hobbies" thread led me to wonder how many people enjoy camping, and I did not find a dedicated thread to camping on the forum. So, what is your camping interest/ involvement? I grew up with camping and being in the outdoors as a second way of life. Our family vacations were always...
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    For the teachers: your first lesson...what do you teach?

    So a post in another thread made me think about this: What do you guys teach in your very first the first half hour you have with a student? How do you get them "into the boat' and ready to be pushed off? for me, - I do my "spiel" about how to hold the sticks- you know...
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    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    Stolen from cbphoto's question in another thread.... who is your most fav/inspirational bassist/drummer combos? For me it is: 1. Geddy and Neil 2. Eugene Wright/Joe Morello 3. Steve Harris/Nicko McBrain 4. Mark Zonder/Joe Dibiase 5. Les Claypool/Tim Alexander 6. Joey Vera/Gonzo; Bobby...
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    A little original lo-fi Brit-pop/surf punk

    I don't know if I ever posted my band on the site...I might have waaay back, so sorry if this is redundant: our most "recent" release: personal faves are track 1, 3, 12 my personal fave for the "overall concept" of the band: personal faves are the whole thing
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    Your 3 most fav Drummers From Each Decade You Have Been Playing

    So...glomming on to the 3 most influential drummers" thread.... for me it would be 1970's - the decade that I started Neil Peart Phil Eheart Stewart Copland 1980's Clive Burr Scott Rockenfield Charlie Benante 1990's Mark Zonder Tim "Herb" Alexander Chad Smith 2000's Stanton Moore Bran...
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    Custom made cocktail drum

    So I think I am going to have my local shop make me a custom cocktail drum to use with my country/rockabilly band. I am pretty much sold on it being maple shell, but am just curious about suggestions for the ply thickness and the diameter. I don't plan on putting any "Attachments" on it...I...
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    A bit of my playing

    Hello all!! Benn hanging around as a noob in the forum now for about a week, and thought I would post up a link to a few of one of my bands albums. We are called Go Robot, Go and have been around forever, We do lo-fi/indie/garage/surf-punky kind of music...I always tell people it is a mix of...
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    Hello all!!!

    What's up fellow beat keepers! New to the forum, and excited to talk and learn about my #1 passion!! Have been playing drums since first grade (1976), and am a band director/percussion instructor for my 9-5. Dad was a jazz drummer around town, so I actually started playing before first grade...