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    From The Duke

    Great advice
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    Happy Birthday Ringo

    Taking a moment to wish Richard Starkey, Ringo, and Judy Getz, my sister, happy birthdays...Have a good day.
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    Hurricane Elsa

    To all of my fellow Florida and Southern US members, stay dry and stay safe with the upcoming storm .
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    In Case you haven't Seen This.....Bermuda

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    Andy's New Bassist

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    Eric Clapton US tour

    ERIC CLAPTON 2021 CONCERT DATES: September 13, Fort Worth TX, Dickies Arena September 15, Austin TX, Frank Erwin Center September 17, Houston TX, Toyota Center September 18, New Orleans LA, Smoothie King Center September 21, Nashville TN, Bridgestone Arena September 23, Atlanta GA, Infinite...
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    Over or Under

    Was watching an old I've Got A Secret program last night, and on the show was the All Women Jazz Band. The drummer was playing traditional grip, but was playing the left hand, snare, over top of the right hand hi-hat ride. Looked hard to do.
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    No Dog

    I don't have a dog, so I will show my woodworking.
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    Dom Famularo

    If you have forty minutes to spare, or even a few, this interview is a must. Dom Famularo and Paul Quin, DW member, with Liberty Divito, discuss Dom's career and what makes him tick. Dom and Paul are the two founding Members of the Sessions Panel. All great interviews, normally conducted by...
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    Happy Birthday Levon

    Levon would have been 81 today! Remembering this legend and feeling grateful for all the music he left behind...
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    A Bit from Mark Schulman

    Mark Schulman, drummer for Pink, Cher, and many more, is also classicaly trained cellist, and motivational speaker among other things. Here is a bit from his last emailing. Enjoy. It's short.
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    Steve Gadd

    This Friday, May 21st 1pm ET! =AZVW0ZO0CdOCLZZ5N2w5tsZaNw6iYZidW-EMT809IzkxOVvlMJ6jQc6OJ-U1W96e2YfQ8nKyMxBkD4NTI67nhXTFzKE7-3vHSGH7gQO55z_Gxb0RQg-__VWZc45kAQbdxmFx6tUHwzrjlObijrS3QJGMVOedYT_hNhYdfw4VYG5uyuY4Yo5yruJPK5VB3lryUybc0KHhNc9BgXZ83TmltBUI&__tn__=-]K-y-R']Live From My Drum Room with my...
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    Hall of Fame

    This years winners are: · Foo Fighters · The Go-Go's · JAY-Z · Carole King · Todd Rundgren · Tina Turner
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    Life as a Young Man

    I continue to spread the word.
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    Sound dampening

    I have no experience or interest in this but saw the ad so I thought I would post it here...
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    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    My latest two additions to the shop. 10 Band saw, and a 10 inch Drill Press.
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    JHow to tune your drums.

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    We’re offering massive savings on 22" EMAD bass drumheads - a full $12 off some of our best. Offer ends TONIGHT. ► Every 22" EMAD head ships free!
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    Plato Rules

    A man way ahead of his time. Then maybe not. I think we should all be proud, that something we love to do, helps so many others. johnny
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    Gretsch Dealer of the Year

    =AZUX_uE0nQDoNKMM5b-4os2M-DlT2PJE2ivsV7ygZ1T1-n4xz_ShC-l9DauqK2Gs6BWhi5trhLxr5yxXuIs-YRCWYYRWlqR25nW2ygIWkWOmmbkmwRL7UXlogdsE5EfeY9pGkfGGR089BDG3V3v4NxhryOsuZ6u6B1qRFInXZjVAO_lM0goOP-q3fo9cHOyqefA&__tn__=kK-R']Drum Center of Portsmouth We are incredibly thrilled to be recognized as the #1 dealer...