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  1. Sprybert

    Decent Used Drums for around $600-$800

    I mis-typed, the set I got was a CS Custom with the 10 lug 22" bass drum
  2. Sprybert

    Decent Used Drums for around $600-$800

    When I started playing again I picked up a Ludwig CS/Combo, 10 lug 22"bass drum was one of the best I've ever played. It is a 5 piece kit in beautiful shape. A fresh change of heads and I was off and running when I picked up a pair of New Beat's, Zildjian A ride and a Sabian Crash. The kit was...
  3. Sprybert

    Find a Drum Teacher Here

    Are there any Drum Teachers in Baltimore County? I started playing in 4th grade through college and then as other life happened drifted away. Now an Empty Nestr', have started again about 4 years ago. In the meantime I've become partially disabled. Any potential teachers: Please be patient. BTW...
  4. Sprybert

    What's your latest purchase?

    Just got a Zildjian K 18" Sweet Crash. It was worth the wait, over 30 days. Avoid USPS for any urgent shipping............
  5. Sprybert

    Sonor 3000 or Tama Granstar?

    Always played Ludwig's or Sonor. Have Sonor's now and love them now that I changed the heads G2. Both are great drums, go with your gut & you won't go wrong....
  6. Sprybert

    At what age did you start drumming?

    That is absolutely AWESOME!!! Curious though, what grip do you use?
  7. Sprybert

    At what age did you start drumming?

    Started in 3rd grade after I decided the trumpet (b flat Coronet) wasn't for me. Not sure what year that is but I was born in 1962. Where were you in '62?
  8. Sprybert

    Sonor Force 3003, 2006 vintage

    Thanks, I was afraid that I had just made a giant (more expensive) step sideways at best. The main reason I thought it was a good deal was the hardware, I would need that if I decide to keep both sets (Ludwig's, & the Sonor's). I'm not sure what the Ludwig Accent CS Elite's would go for. It's a...
  9. Sprybert

    Sonor Force 3003, 2006 vintage

    I currently have a Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite set in great shape and have had Ludwigs exclusively, but always wanted a set of Sonor's since I've heard many good things about them. I just purchased a Sonor Force 3003 dating back to 2006, 18"x22", 5.5"x14 snare, 10"x12", 11"x13" and 16"x16"...