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  1. Thunder 42

    High end snares, Agop Signatures - thinning the herd
  2. Thunder 42

    Need to move quality gear

    Stuff happens. If there’s any interest please send a pm. Check my previous posts much of my gear listed here and not listed here is in pics. Fair prices and serious interest please reach out Snares: 6.5 x 14 walnut Craviotto. Signed by John C. 5.5 x 14 (30d BE) cherr/maple stack Craviotto...
  3. Thunder 42

    Into the Mystique

    Just enjoying this live version, classic Van Morrisson (Into the Mystic) - rediscovering some of his stuff again
  4. Thunder 42

    Starclassic Gold Sunburst

    Just arrived, new to me - Tama Starclassic maple 3 piece (search for a 16 FT is underway): 18x22 /8x12 /14x14.
  5. Thunder 42

    New Drum Kit Day

    Tama Starclassic B/B. 22/14/12/10 - have been finding brand new or mint orphans, still pursuing a 16 FT - any leads would be appreciated. Limited Edition Quilted Mocha Burst and Limited Edition Quilted Natural finishes. Great tone and punch,,,
  6. Thunder 42

    Drum finish professional

    I could use some rudder - looking for a reputable quality finish shop in mid-Atlantic DC/MD/VA area. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm building a Starclassic Limited Quilted Mocha Burst 4 piece - a family out of orphans. The drums are high gloss - rack toms are mint, and a brand new...
  7. Thunder 42

    Unix - Walnut and Maple segmented vintage vibe snare drum

    Wanted to share - a very special package arrived mid week. I've now had an opportunity to play and explore the possibilities of my one of a kind Unix segmented 7x14" black walnut-maple snare. Delivered via Timpano Percussion in Montreal - a great experience there. A fantastic combination of...
  8. Thunder 42

    Thunder's Purge: snares, cymbals, D6 microphone

    Folks, Here's a current listing of several items posted on If there's interest, feel free to PM here or let me know that it is you and message within the site. As hard as this is to do, I've been considering for a while, and these are the items that have not passed the "have they...
  9. Thunder 42

    What could you be doing right now, "honey do list" or otherwise?

    Just curious, what's on your list of could do or should do actions awaiting your attention? Over these last several years (since I've been back), playing, practicing, research and everything drums and music has been very near the top of my list of priorities when not at my day job... Here's...
  10. Thunder 42

    Drum microphone sets

    DW, I'm in the market for a quality drum mic set for live play, and would appreciate experience with and wisdom on current gear available. I play a four piece with two snares. Budget $500 +/-. This is new territory for me. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Thunder 42

    Kicking jam Looks like a great time. Fantastic. Enjoy.
  12. Thunder 42

    Let's see your C&C Drums

    Let's see yours! Thought it would be good to see and hear more about your C&C kits and snares. My Player Date I set, Big Beat configuration, Honey Lacquer finish: 14x22 15x16 14x14 (on order) 8x13 6.5x14 BB bearing edges, luan mahogany ply - great vintage sound and a great deal of fun to...
  13. Thunder 42

    Carter McLean - Improving your feel on drums and a jam with Charlie Hunter

    Really enjoy Carter's playing, first video via drumeo. Second a jam with Charlie Hunter. Have come back to these a few times so thought I'd share for those that have not seen them. Enjoy.
  14. Thunder 42

    George Way Tradition - Bocote snare

    Just arrived, thought I'd share: George H. Way Tradition 8" x 14" via Drum Center of Portsmouth, NH. Bocote veneer (inner/out)/ Maple/Milkwood. 45 degree edges. Beautiful mids and thunderous lows. Fills the room very nicely. Very pleased.
  15. Thunder 42

    New Craviotto (solid) Beech/Birdseye Maple snare

    I'd like to share my recent delivery via Memphis Drum Shop. A special drum has been added to my snare armory. 45/45 bearing edges, 7" x 14". Kept the stock heads (Coated Ambassador and Ambassador snare side). I am absolutely thrilled with this wonderful piece of craftsmanship. Thoroughly...
  16. Thunder 42

    New Craviotto (solid) walnut snare

    Wanted to share with DW: This drum arrived last week and I took her out this weekend for a long drive. Very much enjoying the tone of this instrument: 45 degree bearing edges, 6.5" x 14" - big, round tone - clear lows - sensitive - clear and articulate highs. Sounds great tuned...
  17. Thunder 42

    C&C Player Date I Big Beat

    My luan mahogany, honey lacquer, Player Date I, Big Beat configuration kit came over the last two days, sizes as follows: 14x22 15x16 14x14 (on order) 8x13 6.5x14 Have been ear to ear all day, I feel like I did when I got my first two wheel bike! Seriously I do! I am very impressed with...
  18. Thunder 42


    Hello DW, I was wondering if anyone playing a Kerope ride or hats could provide an assessment. I found a great deal and have yet to read a bad review. Great sound in YouTube demos.
  19. Thunder 42

    Anyone playing a 15" Floor Tom?

    Likes, dislikes? Seriously considering adding to a 16 floor in a three up 2 down configuration. Thanks for any thoughts.
  20. Thunder 42

    The Oh Hellos

    Thought this band worry of a share, enjoying them in recent weeks...indie/folk rock. Caught their show in Baltimore a few weeks ago. Enjoy.