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  1. CommanderRoss

    Pets and drums

    The thread about drumming & dogs got me thinking: Anyone have pets that hinder your practice? Here's a pic of my late basset hound laying across my pedals. At the time, I had all quiet gear on my kit & he wasn't bothered by it. Then after a time, he started doing this. No real issue as I'd...
  2. CommanderRoss

    Old school pedals

    Some beauts right here.
  3. CommanderRoss

    Let's talk on the Chris Coleman 21" ride

    Earthy, decent size and it has holes! Never played a ride with holes before, but I saw one of these at my local shop last weekend (@$430!!):oops: He's spot on about the earthy part & how the holes cut down on some of the wash one might get when hitting it like it owes you money. Anyone else...
  4. CommanderRoss

    B20 puck

    I’ve always wanted a puck of B20 from a cymbal maker before they heat and roll it. But I can never get one. Unless you “know someone” who works at Zildjian/Sabian/Paiste/Meinl, they just don’t let people get them. I’ve been down the rabbit hole of foundry DIY videos. Guys with their “bucket...
  5. CommanderRoss

    Drum angle

    Over the years of me drumming, I've had many a fellow player come up & comment on why my kick is angled away from center. I've tried to explain but many stay on the advise of "You should square up the front head to the audience & face them too. It's just how respectful musicians do it"...
  6. CommanderRoss

    Now I want KFC...

  7. CommanderRoss

    Tama tom arm

    Has it always been this way & I'm just blind or is this new? I like this set up over the basket type you usually see.
  8. CommanderRoss

    The drummer list

    Got this from a buddy & it's a ranking of 70 players over the years. a long read, but'll make you look like you're working! :LOL...
  9. CommanderRoss

    Drums & coffee

    Well, the coffee part anyway. :devilish: Any of you have a story about a person you know who drinks coffee all day? To the level you never see them without a mug or cup? I have a coworker that I swear he has an IV drip of the stuff. Yeah, I'm down with my caffeine addiction, but some people...
  10. CommanderRoss

    Festival backline playing

    For those who play on a backline kit preset for the main act at a festival, do you rearrange the kit for your needs or do you play as it's set up for your songs? I've learned that I can work with what I have if I know I need to "get on & get off" without messing with the equipment. It doesn't...
  11. CommanderRoss

    Kit ID

    This is Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth. Crazy, full of energy drummer/singer doesn't even begin to describe him. His kit here is a mystery though. I've never seen lugs like that before. Any idea's?
  12. CommanderRoss

    '78 Pearl Vari-Pitch

    Never heard of these. @C.M. Jones you wanna weigh in on them?
  13. CommanderRoss

    Black Beauty question

    Which of the 6.5x14 black nickel drums is considered "the one" so many talk about? The one with Imperial lugs or tube lugs? I see both for sale & each is revered as the one used on famous recordings. Does the different lugs matter in the overall sound?
  14. CommanderRoss

    Aging out

    You ever feel that you're too old to be playing the music you're currently playing? Over the years I've been playing rockabilly & straight rock-n-roll, I've noticed that there are times I forget how a song goes. I just draw a blank and once I'm reminded of the progression, I lock right in. I'm...
  15. CommanderRoss

    Wobbling away on stage...

    I work with special needs kids in my public school. We recently got a few of these wobble chairs for our department & as I sat on it, I thought, "If this were higher, it would make a great drum throne." I found out they make a 17.5" version of this & with a good 2 inches of padding on top, it...
  16. CommanderRoss


    Anyone know of a DCI or Cavalier member? I was a Drum & Bugle Corp member in my military school & considered auditioning for one of these when I got to high school. I've heard the audition process is pretty tough (to be expected), but I've never met a member to just talk about it. Thoughts?
  17. CommanderRoss

    The myth of special equipment?

    Here's a vid of Gene Hoglan playing a rather complicated piece. I do know he played old Camco pedals for a long time, including here. What I also see is he playing said piece in old boots like it's no big deal. Which leads me to the question: Do we as drummers really need "special equipment"...
  18. CommanderRoss

    Odd snare build

    I have an undrilled, 14x8 shell coming and did a count of the lugs I have in my parts drawer. I found 14 with claw hooks and was irritated that I've clearly lost a few somewhere along the way. Then I thought, "Could I build a snare with 7&7 and wood hoops?" Is there such an animal out there...
  19. CommanderRoss


    I'm the first to say I'm not a fan of "big box" music stores like Guitar Sucker or Sam Ass. But being out of town this weekend, a recording engineer buddy needed to stop by his local store to get a component cabinet. So I tagged along. Low & behold in their drum department I found these. I...
  20. CommanderRoss

    House kits...

    I’m sure we’ve all had a similar experience...