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  1. paradiddle pete

    Resurrecting not Restoring an old Ludwig Snare Drum.

    I've had an old Ludwig '30's I think Solid Snare drum for quite a while so I decided to resurrect it as I only had the shell and lugs..These lugs don't have inserts and 2 of them were stripped out.. After much deliberation and no real help from so called drum restorers I decided to use longer...
  2. paradiddle pete

    Oil based enamel on fibrskyn heads

    Just wondering if any one has painted oil based enamel ( sign paint ) on a fibrskyn head before. and if any? what problems may occur. eg solvent causing bubbling etc..
  3. paradiddle pete

    Great Photo

  4. paradiddle pete

    Paiste 602 14" Flat Ride

    Anyone know something about these? I have asked this question before and I think it was Monkey Boy shed light on 16" flat ride from maybe late 60's to mid seventies, 14" not sure on these... Well a quick google search and Cymbal Wiki tells me there were 14" thin and medium flat rides.. just...
  5. paradiddle pete

    If you had a Drum Shop Credit?

    Feel free to answer this question in any way that doesn't rock the boat. If you had a credit at a drum shop for $3000 would you just use that $3000 or would you add to it to get something better? and what would you buy? I'm talking sets not hardware cymbals etc.. go!
  6. paradiddle pete

    Ply Drums Glue?

    Been pondering the use of glue in Ply drums, I'm no expert on lay ups or building techniques so ill leave all that alone. The Experts can chime in on that if they wish.. It seems in the Guitar world at least the use of Animal Hide Glue is Touted as Vintage correct and Acoustically helpful ...
  7. paradiddle pete

    Are Bass Drum Hoops Narrower than Before?

    they seem it to me! Speed King hits the batter head on a lot of drums I've found.
  8. paradiddle pete

    Supply and Demand

    While in lockdown been doing a bit of screen Browsing of instruments. Made a few offers that were declined as I offered what I thought was a sellable price. Mainly on Les Pauls Fenders Etc I'm good with drums ATM, and have noticed that not only have prices increased on the whole but older...
  9. paradiddle pete

    Floor Tom as a Rack Tom

    thought! why not?
  10. paradiddle pete

    Hayman " Cannon " kit.

    Does any body have any photo's to share of the Hayman Cannon kits?
  11. paradiddle pete

    Legacy Mahogany/Van Buren?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the Van Buren 110th anniversary shells are the same as normal Legacy Mahogany, Pretty sure they would be..
  12. paradiddle pete

    loading you tube on drummer world.

    You used to be able to drag and drop. Not anymore. What Gives?
  13. paradiddle pete

    Setting up Snare Wires.

    Much the same as setting up a guitar ( intonating ) how do you guys set up your snare drums? EG. I'd be interested to see how you folks go about it..
  14. paradiddle pete

    All You Really Need Kits..

    Possibly all you really need , hi hats , ride , flat base stands, bass pedal, bass drum and snare. post some pics of all that you really need. Oh and a Stool.
  15. paradiddle pete

    In Praise of All the Reggae Drummers,,,

    I&I for one want to say thanks.
  16. paradiddle pete

    Best batter for a 26"

    What do you prefer and why?
  17. paradiddle pete

    Best batter for a 26"

    as the title says
  18. paradiddle pete

    is it the same people?

    Is it the same people that tout the excellence of cheaper brand drum sets hassling me to lower the price on good drum sets eg. Rogers , Gretsch USA, Ludwig Legacy etc? Because if it is I wish they would just buy the excellent cheaper ones. I'm selling a few sets and they keep telling me they...
  19. paradiddle pete

    Keropes ,Aquired Taste?

    But once acquired , very tasty especially with nylon tips played on the side.
  20. paradiddle pete