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    Help with floor tom legs

    Yamaha for sure. Hang on to those! Yamaha charges over $40 PER LEG if you ever need to replace them! They are worth their weight in gold!
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    Tama classic cymbal stand question

    Bongoman is 100% correct. However, I use these stands regularly and have never had a concern about slippage or "wear out". They are hefty 8mm wing screws, and the bigger the wing screw, the less likely it will fail or strip over time. Tama puts a rubber ring on the top section to eliminate...
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    I modified my Pearl Flat Base Cymbal Stand..........

    Overall, I really like these, although they are on the pricey side. I like the fact they are convertible to regular tripods (although I never plan to use them as such, it's nice to have that option). I also love the Uni-Lock tilter and the cool 50/50 foam/felts it comes with. I also dig the...
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    If we gathered up all the used Zildjian ZBT's, Sabian B8's and Meinl HCS Cymbals........

    ..................................I think every person in the USA would have a minimum of two (not just drummers mind you, the entire USA population). Holy Moly there are an absolute zillion tons of them out there!
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    Anyone know if the PDP Bass Drum Cover Plate works for Tama?

    Greetings, Does anyone know if the PDP Bass Drum Cover Plate holes line up for the standard Tama Mount (in this case, the currently available Superstar Classic Maple)? Thanks.
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    Eric Clapton US tour

    Good if you live in TX, or in the SE Part of the States.
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    Small bass drum driving me nuts

    I use Coated Powerstroke 3's on my 18"s. I have to modify them because the problem is that Remo uses the same width muffling ring on all the Powerstroke 3 bass drum heads regardless of head size. The muffling ring is 2" wide, the same for an 18" as it is for a 24". 2" wide is WAY too much for...
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    Have the Yamaha Stage Custom drums changed over the years?

    Excellent time line from Harry C! Some things to note from the 2014 to present Stage Customs (Generation 4). They are identical to the new redesign as of 2008-2013 except for the following (Differences between Generation 3 (2008-2013 and Generation 4 (2014-Present): 1. Different badge, and...
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    I love the Sabian SR2 concept. What's been your experience?

    I have few SR2's and I really like them. I have a 20" that I know was a HHX Legacy ride, because I can still faintly see the "hollow" HHX logo on the top side! I also have a 20" Thin (Probably an AA) and an 18" Thin that was probably an HHX X-Treme Crash. All very nice sounding. A few years...
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    Light weight fast action kick pedal

    This is different than the "normal" Tama pedals. This goes along with the Classic Series Hardware that replicates vintage hardware. The entire frame adjusts up and down so you can hit near the center on different size bass drums, You can adjust beater angle independent of the footboard angle...
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    Light weight fast action kick pedal

    Don't sleep on the Tama HP 50 "Classic" pedal, Lightweight, folds compactly and very fast and smooth. It immediately became my favorite pedal after about 5 minutes of play time.
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    Did PDP Discontinue the Wood Hoop Classic Line of Concept Drums?

    I certainly can, but those new wraps are just awful. The Concept Classics came with satin lacquer finishes that looked great.
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    Seeking best price on Custom Drumsticks in Bulk

    You should also contact Frank Kincel at La Backbeat sticks. They are, by far, my favorite brand of sticks and are the best feeling and longest lasting sticks I have used. He sells his "Wonky" and blemished sticks for $2.50 a pair. He might be able to hook you up with a large lot for cheap...
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    Hardware Pack recommdations

    As others have said, the Yamaha is great, but also the Tama Stage Master series are great too. The Iron Cobra 200 that comes with the pack is top notch! Also, the hi hat is spring tension adjustable and has a rotatable tripod. The snare basket also rotates 360 degrees. Gearless/infinite...
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    Dream Cymbals

    I have many Dream cymbals and they are all fantastic! I've played the Moon Ride in person, which was designed for Rick Latham. Very heavy and pingy, but very dry and controlled. The Dark Matter crashes are standard Energy series crashes that have been "re-fired". Dry and dark but not as...
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    Seeking best price on Custom Drumsticks in Bulk

    Jeff Rich sounds like he would be your guy on this.
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    Did PDP Discontinue the Wood Hoop Classic Line of Concept Drums?

    Thanks for the replies. They now are making a Concept Maple kit in Bop Sizes, but the new line of Concept Maple finishes are just.............well.................awful! Twisted Ivory, Satin Seafoam, Satin Pewter, Satin Olive or Satin Black? The black and pewter are boring and the others are...
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    Did PDP Discontinue the Wood Hoop Classic Line of Concept Drums?

    Greetings. I see they have a Limited Edition 2021 kit with wood hoops, but the wood hoop concept kits that used to be available are no longer on their website.
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    "Rosalinda's Eyes" -- Liberty DeVitto

    I remember seeing Liberty give a clinic in the late 80's. For Rosalinda's Eyes, he said he basically copied his beat from "Just The Way You Are" but changed it up a little bit, so people couldn't say "Well that guy is very limited"! Fun Fact, Billy Joel's 52nd Street was the first ever release...
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    Will binder clips hurt my kick drum hoops?

    You don't have to be that fancy. I keep mine on the floor and put it under the leg of my hi-hat stand so it won't move or blow away. If you need it closer, just carry a roll of painter's tape with you and tape it to a stand or floor tom hoop.