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  1. mikyok

    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    I'm refinishing my Ludwig in good old Black Oyster but as the title suggests there's a bit of a problem........ Riveted early 80s metal wrap on a floor tom that looks like a nightmare to shift. Has anyone had to remove this wrap before? What tools would you use? If it's going to damage the...
  2. mikyok

    Moving with the times....

    I can only speak for my squalid little patch north of France and east or Ireland but the grim reality is dawning that gigs are off for another year already. The itch to play with other musicians and put myself out there is getting bad. I've never been a make a video or do online stuff kinda guy...
  3. mikyok

    Ludwig Acrolite Prototype Refurb

    For 58 she scrubs up pretty darn nice! That Never Dull stuff works wonders. I pictured the original Ludwig Aluminium hoops which I'll still keep as they're as rare as hens teeth. I'd love to know how it ended up in the middle of England when they only made 200 as a test batch.
  4. mikyok

    Cleaning a 60s Acrolite Shell

    Hi All I've finally got round to restoring my Acrolite Prototype as my crimbo present to me. Only had it 10 years but a pandemic tends to free your spare time better than most things! Anyone got any idea what would be the best stuff to clean the shell and lugs which are all aluminium? I still...
  5. mikyok

    Who remembers this?

    Being born in the 80s I used to love this. Was he drying out from the 70s or had he fallen off the wagon. I'm not entirely sure!
  6. mikyok

    Triple Flange or Die Cast Hoop?

    I'm treating myself to Worldmax NOB snare, found 2 models in a clearance sale for just over £200, never had a brass snare so this is a low risk gamble. Both 14x6.5" one has triple flange hoops, one has die cast hoops. Is there any sound difference between the two? All my snares are triple...
  7. mikyok

    What the hell is this?

    I was gear browsing last night and randomly saw this come up at a silly price, obviously needs a bit of TLC. It's got Hayman fittings apart from the Premier tom mount (which wasn't an uncommon mod to Haymans as the tom mounts were crap!) Slot key tuning too. Originally I thought hello we've got...
  8. mikyok

    How's everyone holding up?

    We're heading into a 3rd month of lockdown in the UK, not sure of the situation across the rest of the world. How we all coping out there? I sincerely hope anyone who relies on their drumming for their sole source of income is going to come out of this on the other side. P.S. if anyone finds...
  9. mikyok

    Vinnie or Jeff?

    Bit of fun. They were both on the album but there's hints of both of them in the feel of playing. What do you reckon?
  10. mikyok

    Band Auditions..........Video Links To Own Playing Needed?

    Has anyone else come across this? After 7/8 years I find myself on the hunt for another regular gig. Still keeping with the functions purely for the cash. Every ad I've replied to has asked for video links to my playing as well as inviting me for an audition. I really can't stand youtube...
  11. mikyok


    Anyone else had problems with a band member who can't stay sober? Try and beat this...... Wedding gig on Sunday, our 'singer' decides to drink all day. No idea what he had before he got in the van but on the way to the gig he got through 2 half bottles of Scotch and several pint cans. We only...
  12. mikyok

    Awful Gig Offers

    Just for laughs lets hear em, I had a beaut yesterday. First refusal on a 15 minute showcase in Luton on a Wednesday night in Luton (2 and a half hours drive either way after a day at work). There's a PA there though! I checked the holiday park comany it was for and all of their sites were all...
  13. mikyok

    Rant Time, time to take my own advice

    Band dramas are always fun on here's one of my own that's more of a ball-less agent one! Played a 40th birthday party on Saturday that had more in common with a wake than a birthday party. Actually I can name several wakes I've been to that have had a better atmosphere than this...
  14. mikyok

    What the deuce?!?

    Saw this on our state sponsored propaganda machine the other day and it's stuck in my craw, thought I'd leave it here. Call me old fashioned but isn't the point of a music festival to go an see music and have a good time. Perhaps our...
  15. mikyok

    Cool Drumming (The Wrong Kind!)

    I have my first outdoor gig of the year tomorrow night and in true English tradition on a bank holiday weekend it's going to be bloody freezing, literally! Gonna be a whopping 5 degrees celcius or 41 farenheit. Chuck in a nice 20mph northerly wind and it's down to 3 (37.4). Thankfully it's not...
  16. mikyok

    Pies that surprise

    What's the cymbal(s) that have proven you wrong and you use more than you ever thought you would. There's always lots of worst drums/cymbals etc so lets give some praise where it's due! I've got a couple: Zildjian Rock Ride - Thought it was gonna be a manhole cover but it's great for bigger...
  17. mikyok

    Mapex Saturn V on offer I'm really tempted. Saturn owners assemble!

    I've been looking for something in downbeat sizes and this has popped up in the January sales: I was leaning towards a frequent flyer but I'm a bit put off by the price for what you get. But this is...
  18. mikyok

    Oiling/Waxing a drum

    My steambent is due its annual service but I've got to oil the shell again for the first time since it was built. Tung oil is easy to get hold of so it will need a couple of coats over a couple of days, that's easy enough. It's the prepping and sealing bit I'm a bit stuck with as I don't want...
  19. mikyok

    Gear Sell Off, Best Way To Go About It

    Cut a long story short my lockup has too much stuff in it I'm not likely to use ever again. I've never sold anything other than through a shop or to mates. There are a couple of kits (nothing special) to clear out as well as cymbals that I've fallen out of love with and have been sitting in a...
  20. mikyok

    Evans Reso 7 for Batter Side

    Evans answer to the diplomat, took a gamble on one on Saturday as the steambent likes thin heads. Combine it with the 200 snare side and you're onto a winner.